Monday, January 26, 2009


I want you to know that….

You are 14 months and 1 day
You jabber all the time; but, you can say some words like: MOM (you usually yell that one), Da Da, Uh OH, and Ba Ba.
You like to copy some words that Mommy says but when I ask you to say something you refuse to speak.
When you want attention from someone you do a funny fake laugh until they look at you.
You don’t care if Mommy leaves, as long as someone is there to play with you.
You smile A LOT! Unless someone strange talks to you …Then you just stare blankly at them.
You look just like your Daddy! (Mommy loves that)You can sit up all on your own!
You have been army crawling since you were 10 months….(it’s just your thing I guess)
You are getting pretty good at pulling up onto things….Daddy needs to lower your crib.
You are in love with hair! And you have a good grip!
You like to cuddle with your blanky and your glow sea horse.
When you wake up, you like to put your cheek on Mommy or Daddy’s cheek and say “awwww”, because that is what Mommy and Daddy say when you are being sweet.
You LOVE LOVE LOVE the swing! You can’t stop giggling and you cry BLOODY MURDER when we take you out.
Just yesterday, you started folding your arms for prayer time all by yourself….but you only do it for 3 seconds and then you want to do something else.
You understand the meaning of "NO,NO". It only makes you more stubborn though. You are VERY Stubborn!
You are very smart, and you like to observe your surroundings before you make any quick moves.
You adore Baby Einstein movies…Now you talk back and laugh at the T.V. You even try to copy what they are doing.
When you hear music you have to stop what you’re doing just to dance…it makes Mommy and Daddy laugh, which makes you do it more.
You like to sneak away from Mommy in your walker and head for the drive way so you can roll down the big hill. You hate it when you get stuck or when Mommy blocks your way.
You will eat anything and you will eat A Lot of it! You never stop eating!!
You have mood swings when it comes to milk….some days you want it and some days you don’t.
You have 5 big chompers now and one more on the way. You don’t like that one very much right now (and neither does Mommy).
You like to share with others. You always hand your toys to other kids (unless it is something you really like).
You are starting to realize that if we go in your room, most likely, that means it is bedtime. You are starting to not like bedtime.
I can’t tell if you are ready for one nap a day yet.
You do not keep your socks on
You love Mommy more than Daddy! lol...(I wish)

Most importantly you are getting cuter and smarter everyday! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of EVERYTHING you do. We love watching you grow and learn. You are such a fun spirit and you bring so much joy into our lives. You are wonderful!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ode to Ashley

Ashley and I had some fun taking some pictures of her today! I love taking pictures and she is a great model! I think they turned out pretty cute! Here are some of my favorites.

Isn't she perrrty!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

For One Time, and One Time Only!, I know some of you are going to tell me to SHOVE IT and some of you are going to say.."My wedding dress is too BIG for me now"...Well I don't want to hear it! This is a one time deal! And don't tell me that you have never tried on your wedding dress after the fact in hopes that it fits....Come on!
Anyways, I just wanted to document that 3 years after marriage and 1 year after having a baby I can fit into my wedding dress! It is a big accomplishment for me because it was hard to fit into on my wedding day!
I know that I will have more kids and that is why this is a one time thing! I will probably not be able to (nor will I try) to attempt this dangerous stunt again. So for pride's sake I just wanted to be able to look back and tell my self that I did it...even though I probably won't be able to fit into it next week.... even so, I did it, if only for a moment!
Here is the proof! No corset either.
Seriously, this decision was on a whim...If I had planned it out I would have defiantly done my hair and makeup.

Dad is Helpless

So Dan got a new T.V. for Christmas and on Saturday he was installing it in our room. He was working all day, so I had ty to myself and we were trying to stay out of the way. I decided to leave Ty with Dan for just a moment while Dan was working on screwing in some bolts. He had his hands tied. He could not let go of what he was working on and all I hear is this...

Crystal! Crystal!
Why did you leave him in here!
Get Him! Get Him!
So I go in to see what the matter is and Dan is staring at Tysen, not being able to get his hands free from what he was doing, and his face was filled with fear because Tysen was crawling closer and closer to his project and he would have surly messed with it somehow.
He might be 1 but he can be a terrorizer! I just love that Dan looked so totally helpless and afraid of him... like he was a shark or something!!! I was laughing for days!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lambion LLC

Please check out my Mom's sculptures....she is amazingly talented! If you are interested let me know and I can get you a MAJOR discount!

You can find the link below under "view the sites"

Mom's Blessings

*note* My Mom is one of the greatest people I know! I love her and I take her advise and run with it! This was just ANOTHER something GREAT that she had posted on our family blog and I thought I would share it with you...what an amazing spirit she has!

Three indicatores that will keep you spiritually and temporally blessed;

(1) Pay a FULL TITH. it is ones most obvious indicatore to ones love and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I testify that my spiritual well being has been protected through the opportunities of being able to always pay a full tithing. I also attribute my tempral comfort and comforts to this great commandment. it removes fear. It is the rock of our salvation now and into the eternities. D&C 64:23 ; for he that is tithed shall not be burned at his comming. He is comming.

(2) Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. A topical guide search will clear things up if you are interested in the Lords way of keeping this great and loving commandment. Taking the Sacrament each week, Uplifting, Teaching and Learning from one another will make this day a day of comfort and joy. You will be able to ALWAYS remember your SAVIOR. It has truly become a day of refreshment for me. I hunger for it's power in my life.

(3) Eat Right. Eat fresh fruit and vegtables daily. That will keep the doctore bills down and your spirit in tune. Cut back on negative foods. That will teach you temperance in all areas in your life and preserve a clearer channel with the spirit of revelation. In my patriarchal blessing it says that the two greatest medicins for heavenly success that exists are; pay a full tith and keep the word of wisdom in it's smallest detail. I totaly beleive this.

I love All of you and desire the best for each of you. Do these three things and all the rest will follow. ps. read your scriptues daily.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok...I know that I just posted like ten posts and it is overwhelming for some of you but, it has been bare with me! It has been a while since I posted now I just want to get caught get your cushy seat, some snacks and get comfortable because it is going to be a long read....I suggest taking breaks between reads. ENJOY!

(at least you didn't have to write them...that is all I have to say)


My Birthday was in December and my sister made an insane cake for me. I have a "thing" for hostess chocolate cupcakes...( I can devour them in a short period of is very dangerous). So they are pretty much my weakness...which makes them my enemy! My sister decided to make a HUGE one for me, for my birthday (while I was on a diet). It was sabotage I tell you! But, it was sooooo good!!

Even had the whipped cream filling.... Yummmm
I've always wanted to take a big bite out of a big chocolate cupcake...(diets will never work for me if my goals continue like this)

Looked and tasted just like it!!!

THEN, for my birthday Dan got me tickets to see WICKED!! I have been begging to see it! So we went to go see it on Sat (Jan. 3, 2009) It was A-MAZ-ING!!!
Then he took me to my favorite restaurant...I swear I gained 10 pounds!!
(Was I not suppose to call you that in public?)
Here we are in front of the theater

Visiting Palm Springs!

We went to visit our very dear Aunt Edith and Uncle James on New Years day. Uncle James got a new lap top and Dan was able to set him up with tons of programs. Now Uncle James can bring the lap top out for Aunt Edith to read the Blog. While Dan was helping Uncle James get used to his new toy, Aunt Edith kept Ashley and I company with great stories and memories of her life. She has an amazing memory.
We also had fun going through her old jewelry and scarves. Aunt Edith is such an amazing women and Uncle James is a great husband to her. I always enjoy hearing her speak of her past...she has so many fun stories.

This is Aunt Edith and Uncle James cake topper that went on their wedding cake....So neat!
Ashley and Tysen just kickin it!

Here is a quilt that my Mom made for my Aunt and Uncle as a wedding present. I took lots of pictures of the specific squares because my brothers and sisters wrote a little message on each one . It was fun to see their art work when they were young. It goes from Rebecca to Travis...Rebecca was 8, I think, and Travis was 10 months. Aunt Edith told us that her and Uncle James were engaged and married with in 2 weeks, I think, and that Mom was up really late finishing this quilt for them. She remembers being in the temple and looking over at Mom who was dozing off because she was so tired. Then Aunt Edith told us how much she admired mom and how much she appreciated this wonderful gift!
This was just so awesome for us to see.

Here is Ty-man with his Great, Great Aunt and Uncle! He had so much fun with Aunt Edith because she would clap and sing to him. He would laugh so hard when she would say "POP!" at the same time that he would bounce.

We had so much fun visiting! Aunt Edith and Uncle James, thank you so much for letting us come and spend the day with you! We can not express how much we love and cherish the time we are able to spend with you. You have blessed our lives more than you know.

Christmas Day (after the hospital)

Should have been posted on December 26th 2008

Because of complications we celebrated Christmas on the 26th, but no one knew the difference. The night before, everyone opened their P.J.'s (I made matching p.j. bottoms for us) and we watched a Christmas movie. Then we went to bed so that Santa could come and deliver our presents. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas day.

Here's a picture of us right after we woke up and before the presents are torn open. I know, I know it was a brave thing to do (taking a picture) and it reveals me way more than I would like, but; here it is, real and scary. We decided it would be a tradition and now I can't take it back. I understand if you have to shield your eyes from the sight. (WHY OH WHY...did I not put makeup on?!?!)
Tysen had a blast ripping the paper open...who cares what was under the
Although he did enjoy the boxes as well. For only being one, he sure is a paper ripping fiend!

Ashley got a camera!!! YAY!! Thanks Mom!

You can see he is totally excited about his awesome horse. It looks like he is saying, "Totally Wicked Man!!" (in a surfer dude voice)

Here is my sweet, sweet hubby working hard on making rolls for our Christmas Dinner....and yes we ate our dinner in our P.J.'s (never changed, never showered...and proud of it!)

Merry Christmas!!

Should have been posted on December 15th 2008:

Here are some of our Christmas Pictures...In every picture tysen has a different cooky face on...that boy has more expressions than I've ever seen any baby have. That's why we love him!
Tysen and Daddy! (LOVE IT!)

I love that smile!

He is so silly!


Should have been posted on December 14th 2008:

Our family drove up to Utah to visit Grandma Whitman and to see Uncle Steven since he came home from his mission. Utah was very eventful and it was so good to see everyone. The drive there was surprisingly smooth. There was not a whole lot of crying form the back seat, there was no throwing up or blow out catastrophes. It was pretty much smooth sailing ( even though Dan and I were crazy with worry that something was bound to go wrong). When we got there we were able to fill our days up with events. The first day it started snowing (it was bone dry when we got there) and we decided to go sledding. In the pictures below you can see Tysen eating the snow. If he started complaining we just picked up some snow off the ground and gave it to him...problem fixed!! He LOVED IT!!
The next day we were able to take a little trip to Alpine, were Daniel's Grandfather, sister Sheri, and Aunt Jana are resting in peace. It was beautiful to sit and remember them and miss them, but it is wonderful to know that we will see them again.
After that we met the rest of the family in Salt Lake to go ice skating and to see the lights at Temple Square. In the pictures you can see all of the sister that were there posing with our beautiful mother. And a picture of me and my brother Steven, who just got back from the Montana mission. While we were walking around temple square we went into the conference center to hear the choir practicing their Christmas special. It was weird to see all of them in their casual clothes and to hear them being directed. They still sounded UNREAL!
We also had the chance to go skiing and snowboarding. I skied and Dan snowboarded. Last time I tried to snowboard it was a bad day for everyone. So I told Dan that I would not cause him misery this time and that I would stick to what I know...skiing. Needless to say, it was a much better day. We had so much fun going down the slopes together (even though, for a good majority of the time we were on the beginner slopes)...All I have to say husband is a very, very patient man.
Lastly we went to a really fun dinosaur museum with Ty's cousin Laura and they loved playing and touching everything. You can even see a picture of them having fun in the sand pits where they dug up dino bones. We had so much fun and I was so happy to see my Mother. She is surly something spectacular! She is my hero and example and I love her spirit! I only hope that I might grow to be as wise and as loving as she is. We love you Mom!
Thanks for letting us visit!!!

Happy Birthday Ty!

Should have been posted on November 25, 2008:

Our Baby's first birthday has come and gone. It is weird to think he is getting older and bigger. It's like, on his birthday I took a good look at him and realized that he was not that little baby that we had just had...he is a boy now. (Sigh) It takes you for a loop, how fast they grow. Tysen had such a great birthday. We decked the house out in Baby Einstein decor. (his favorite)!! He was so excited and couldn't wait for......who am I kidding......He had no CLUE it was his birthday. It was just another day for him because he usually gets most of the attention anyways. Even so, he did have fun and I know all of his little friends and cousins had fun as well.

His Birthday breakfast was pancakes with yummy syrup. He was in heaven!
Time for the pinata! We tried to get him to pull the strings but Grandma had a bottle and there is no way that strings beats THE BOTTLE!

The one that broke it. Milo was the last one up and he smacked it once and out the candy flew!

Singing Happy Birthday made Tysen, lets just say, a little emotional. He didn't know what was going on and why everyone was singing really loudly at him. LOL! It was very cute to see his little pucker lip come out.

All's well when he was able to play with the candle. (don't know why...but it was)
My sister is a cake genius!!! She made this Baby Einstein cake for ty-man!! So stinkin adorable. It was hard to cut it!

It was EVEN BETTER when he tasted the cake!!! OOOO BABY!!!
(Again heaven)