Friday, February 18, 2011

Jayden's First Birthday Party

First Birthdays are always a big deal. But, since we have such an enormous family it is hard to invite we had a nice big family party for our (growing too fast) Jayden.

It was all about the CARS!

 We had cars everywhere for all to play with... and we played red light, green light.

...And the Birthday Boy came out wearing a very appropriate T-shirt that read "Speedy"

We made a big muffun cup cake for Jay to dig into..and he did...he didn't even wait for the candle to be blown out.

He was very happy with the mess that he made.

Grandma and Mom washed him down in the sink before presents.


He loved opeing all his presents. Especially, the big ball! He knew what it was before he opened....(Aunt did you wrap a ball??)
 The alphabet train was from Mommy and Daddy!

We can't forget the really cool pop-eye shirt that he got from Aunt Shelley. So Funny!
Who needs real mustles when you have a shirt with "pop-eye" mustles.

Thought this was cute...Jay with his cousin Brooke!

Happy Birthday my sweet, stubborn, goofy, dramatic, fast, squishy, happy baby boy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Annual Birthday Photo Shoots

I never got around to taking 3 year old pictures of Tysen in November.
When Jayden's birthday came around in February I decided to get birthday pictures of both my sweet boys.
Tysen 3 years old.
Very Healthy
Very Smart
Very Silly
Very Sweet!

Jayden 1 year old
Very Healthy
Very Smart
Very Wiggly
Very Crazy
Very Snuggly
Very "Momma's Boy"
Very Squishy!

Being a photographer, you would think my kids would know how to sit still and smile or pose....NOPE! This was the hardest thing. I had to bribe them like CRAZY. That is why Jay had chocolate and crumbs all over his nice white shirt....*sigh*
I just figure it makes for sweet, sticky, messy, funny memories.
Plus, for how wiggly they were, I am surprised I got this many pictures out of them.

Jaden's First Birthday CAKE!

This will be our tradition...
I will never get enough of watching my babies stuff thier faces with birthday cake.
I am so tickled the whole time I am trying to snap shots.

Jayden was cracking up the whole time (unless he was stuffing his face).
It was so cute to see him so messy with cake and giggling like crazy.

We finished our photo shoot off with a big "glass of milk".
What a day! Such a hard life these babies live.