Thursday, December 25, 2008


Thank you for all the prayers and for all those that called a million times to see how he was doing. Sorry to those that we did not get a chance to call back. We are home and we are so relieved that we made it home for Christmas. Tysen is doing very well and seems to be his old self (just with a little more attitude) He is still so tired but he tries so hard to play and be happy...just don't rub him the wrong way right The water that accumulated in his brain was a lot more than we thought. We had a chance to see the scans and it seemed that the shunt stopped working all together. But, when the Dr. was finished with his surgery he found that, basically, there was brain tissue that got sucked into the holes of the tubing on his head piece and clogged the plumbing. So he replaced some tubing and he did not have to cut his tummy this time. Tysen had to get another hair cut and his stitches look really good. We are debating weather to do a mo-hawk now that part of his head is already buzzed (your thoughts please) lol. Anyways we are home and happy. Thank you for everything. We love you and are so grateful that our Heavenly Father was there with us every step of the way. Tysen is the joy of our lives and even with wires surrounding him and a cage like crib to sleep in, he still seemed to manage a smile! He is amazing and we have been blessed by his presence. We Love you so much Tysen and we don't know how we lived without you before. You brighten our world!
We would like to tell you more but we have lots of presents to open!

Ty-man right before they took him in for surgery

Tysen almost right after surgery, having a little apple sauce...and looking quite out of it.

Santa came to the hospital and dropped off a big bag of gifts.
Grandma Carlson, Aunt Carie and Gavin also dropped off some really cool gifts for Ty.

Here is Ty's Battle scar. We would show you the gory stuff but we can't take the bandage off yet. I think Ty has won this battle in his has just made him stronger for the next one.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Round #2 for Ty!

We got a call from Tysen's neurologist yesterday and he said that Ty will have to have another surgery. The doctor said that his x-rays (that we took on Monday) show that there is more swelling in brain than there was in the summer (when Ty had another CT scan). It has not gotten really bad yet but he said that this usually indicates that Ty's shunt will be failing soon, or that it is failing slowly. So, they have to go in to make sure there are no problems and, if there is, then they can fix it now before it gets worse. Tysen will be having his surgery on the day before Christmas at 9:00 in the morning. We might have to stay through Christmas so that they can monitor him. We are so blessed to have such an amazing doctor who looks closely enough to catch problems before they happen. He is great and we feel peace knowing that he is in good hands. We are also blessed to have our family and friends that continue to give our family love, prayers and support. We know that the power of prayer is strong and so we would like to ask all of you to give Tysen your prayers. We know that everything will be fine especially with our Heavenly Father by our side. We love you all and wish you the happiest of holidays!