Friday, May 16, 2008

First Official Haircut

I got my first official hair cut yesterday. My Mom was over at her friend's house and she said she would cut it.
Here I am getting ready to get my hair cut
I was pretty freaked out after this lady put these shiny things to my head and then all the sudden my hair started falling off!!! What are they doing to me?!?!?!
Help Me!
It turns out that those little shiny things made me look pretty cool. My hair is just like Daddy's now and I have to say.........
First Haircut 5/15/08 at 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today I ate Big Boy Cereal!!!

Today I had cereal for the first time! Man am I getting bigger. Daddy did not want me to eat cereal because it meant that I was getting bigger... but he can't stop that...cuz I' suppose to get bigger. I didn't even spit out the cereal. It was so good that I gobbled it down! Then I wanted my bottle too! My Mom says I'm turning into a little piggy! OINK OINK!!

My Face was a mess...and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

We got me a new high chair at Target. I like sitting up in it!

I can't wait for tomarrow....MORE CEREAL >>>YAY!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I can hold myself up pretty good now!

I must say that I am doing pretty good at holding myself up now. I can lay on my tummy and look at the world. Before my face would just smash into the floor but now I can see everybody! It is pretty cool ...I feel like such a big boy.

Also, this weekend was the first weekend that my mom and dad left me over night! I was in good hands though. I had fun with Grandma Carlson, Auntie Carie and Gavin! My mom and dad missed me a ton though! Mom took Dad out for his birthday to San Diego to see the Air Races and dad said that when I get older we are gunna go all the time because he thought it was soooo cool! And dad got a really cool basketball hoop. When I get older I think I'll woop his bum in basketball.
Man! I really love my Daddy!!