Friday, June 26, 2009


When I say the word "bath" Tysen's little body fills with excitement and he runs/trips his way to the bath.
I decided to take pictures of him in the bath because I don't think I have very many bath pictures...we try to keep the pictures pretty modest
Tysen likes to blow bubbles in the bath

He likes to scream and splash in the is not a bath unless the floor is covered in water when he is done.

Tysen has discovered a friend in the bath...Actually today he looked at himself in the drain and said "ty ty".

He snuggles in his cozy towel when he is "done done"
Thanks Maria!

Then he likes to play a little game called "run away without a diaper on and make mommy chase me".
There is just no way I could make this picture modest!

Being Outside = Happy Baby

Tysen LOVES to be outside playing. When he is outside there are no complaints whatsoever.
He especially loves the park!
He likes to dart down the slide face first which means Mommy always has to dart to catch him..scary!
The swing is probably his favorite thing. He would stay on it all day if he could.

At this park there are tennis courts and Tysen was trying to say "hi" to some of the tennis players. They said "hi" back and then Tysen asked "ball?" and the tennis player through over his ball for Tysen to keep! It was so nice of them and It made Tysen's day!

This kid can get anything with his good looks!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Grows Back!

We shaved Roxy the other day ...I was trying very hard to keep her from moving and Tysen was trying very hard to get her to play....This was our first problem!
Anyways, we shave her because she sheds way too much to be in the house. Also, it is hot in the summer and I think she likes her cool coat.
This is the first time I attempted to shave Roxy (second problem) sister usually does it for me when she shaves her dog. I thought I could do it myself this time.
This is Roxy's good side. I think I did a decent job (on this side)
This is her bad side! Ok,so when I started I went waaaaay too short (the BIG problem). Most people, once they went that short, would make the whole thing that short. But, I figure that it will grow back fast and then I will go over it again and even it out then. Because I did not want my dog to look HAIRLESS! Plus, when I was shaving it that short it seemed like I would shave off her skin it was so close. It just creeped me our dog has started a new trend for now and we will be touching it up once it grows back a little.
Sorry Roxy!

Anyone else need a haircut?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


E ndearing Spirit
D ivine Singing Voice
I nspirational
T ender Heart
H ilarious

Aunt Edith, thank you for being such a wonderful person. We have all learned so much from you and we are all better people because of you. We are so happy that God blessed us with you.
We love you Aunt Edith!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back in the Game

Dan used to be a soccer star waaaaaaay back in high school.
Now, after 12 years of no soccer, Danny Boy is back in the game; even if it is a men's over thirty team :-)

They compete every Friday and they have a pretty good team. Dan was surprised to find out that, after not playing for 12 years, he was out of shape...what?

He has aches and pains that weren't there before and he is not as fast as he used to be. I guess he thought it would all come flooding back to him all of the sudden.

Even with these (old man) complications, Dan does really well out there on the field! Ty and I think he is a STUD! Dan is so happy when he plays and I am so happy watching him.

We will be rooting for you on the side lines every week Babe!
GO #7!!
Crossing my fingers that he doesn't receive any permanent damage from it though :-)

Gavin loves to come see his uncle play...Gavin is a soon to be soccer star!
Ty is Daddy's biggest fan! He kicks around his little soccer ball while we watch Daddy play.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Do I Sound Like That?

When Tysen is in trouble this is how our conversation goes:

(Mommy) TYYYYSEN!! no no no.....
(Tysen) MOOOOMMY! no no no no no....

He just comes right back at me with the "n-o" word.
When ever Tysen mimics what I am saying it always comes out in a weird growly voice and I always think...."Do I really sound like that to him?"
Probably should find a better word than "n-o"...cuz it is already being used against me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

18 Month Check-Up

"How is Tysen Doing?"

Tysen had his 18 month check up and he is HEALTHY! It is always great to hear that your child is nice and healthy. No ear infections, no cold, no croup, and no head problems!
He also shot up on his chart for this check up. Tysen has always been a little low on the growth chart but the doctor was so happy with the sudden peak! He is a lot bigger than when she checked him last :-)
Tysen weighs 27 1/2 pounds (BIG BOY) = 75% for weight
He is 32 inches tall = 50% for height
and his head circumference looks great as well.
"What has Tysen been up to?"

Tysen has a favorite blanky. It is actually the one he received from the nurses at the hospital when he was born. And he LOVES melmo (elmo). As you can see he is glued to the T.V. here. What is with kids wanting to stand 3 inches from the television set?
One of Tysen's sneaky past times. He loves to sneak into the office to push on the keyboard. Not so good when Mommy's work is still up on the screen!

Favorite toy, by far! Love this toy! Got it in good shape at a garage sale. It has so many gadgets to play with.
New, fun, tantrum throwing! This boy has a temper. He likes to throw himself on the floor now and just wail away!

Brushing teeth is so much fin!

Apparently, so is getting in the shower fully dressed. He just couldn't wait. When he saw that Mommy wasn't to happy about it- he decided to help out by washing his body with his shirt and diaper on, which did make Mommy laugh. Thanks Ty!

Messes are his specialty these days. I clean up one toy trail and instantly there is another right behind me..... How the???
The only time everything is picked up is when he is napping and then mysteriously the messes appear soon after his waking.
The remote drawer, in Mommy and Daddy's room, needs to be moved! He has learned which remote and which button turns on the t.v. And, we can never find the remotes anymore.
Kicking the soccer ball around, just like daddy showed him. This kid has a ball obsession.
Ty is a good little helper! He listens to commands very well. His likes to help Mommy by getting the diapers when it is time to be changed.
And then, he wants to put it on himself too. He also learned how to take off his diaper to prepare...I did not teach him this.
Now he wants to take it off in his crib even if he is poopy! What a great helper he is.

2 fat lips and 2 bloody noses in one day. He was just having a bad walking day. Poor baby was tripping on his own feet. The blue around his mouth is from the popsicle I had to give him for the swelling..he didn't mind that part.
All I have to say is, walking is a whole different ball game.

Tysen loves his books and loves to put on any pair of glasses he can find.

Tysen is just a fun, happy, squishy little guy! Everyday he makes me laugh (hysterically) and everyday he makes he cry (hysterically) He is my best pal! Everyone loves Tysen and Ty loves everyone. Love you Ty!

Tysen's Vocabulary @ 18 months

Tysen's therapists have me count all of Tysen's words

As of now he has 23 words, 13 gestures and 2 two word sentences. So as of right now he is doing really good.

The therapists say he should have about 20 words by now but the pediatrician was really impressed when I told her that he had 23 words because she said that they are only expected to know 7-10 word at this point.....ok.....and here I am being a speech freak!

1. Baba (bottle) 2. bup (up) 3. nite nite (good night) 4. car 5. shoe 6. Hi 7. Bye 8. Ball 9. Bath 10. Nanna (bannana) 11. Ju (Juice) 12. Mom 13. Dadda 14. done done (all done) 15. WOW
16. biaper (diaper) 17. mote (remote) 18. melmo (elmo) 19. uh-oh! 20. YAY! 21. no! 22. baby 23. bankby (blanky)