Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009

I loved Tysen's face when he saw his power wheel quad bike. He rode it around and had to get a feel for it. He kept pulsing the button that makes it go. so he was stop and go for a while until he figured out that if he held it down it would keep going. :-) We took more video this year than pictures. So we only have the one family picture. That is ok because we can watch the great video footage we got.
Tysen got:
shopping cart
train set
tonka trucks
....among other things
Daddy got:
Universal Remote
Sage TV
some tools
blue ray DVDs
Mommy got:
VS Jammies
"Gone With the Wind" Blue Ray
Here we are in our matching jammies on Christmas Morning.
This Christmas morning was special because we were able to deliver some presents to a needy family. It was a very special experience to shop for each person and to deliver them (anonymously) on their door step Christmas morning. We were able to teach Tysen about giving this year which is something we want to be a priority every year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grand Canyon/ Polar Express..Choo Choo

For our Christmas vacation we took a trip to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and to ride on the Polar Express train. The Grand Canyon was so gorgeous with all the snow around. We took one train to the Grand Canyon; then, we got back and rode on the Polar Express train, where we met Santa Claus. Tysen now has a new found love for trains since experiencing them first hand.
This vacation was the perfect thing to do before Christmas to get us in the spirit! It was filled with lots of fun family time and beautiful scenery. And we got to experience the prettiest white Christmas ever.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We didn't get as many of these out this year as we would've liked So, we just wanted to make sure we wished all of our friends and loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Decorating the Christmas Tree 2009

We got our tree the other weekend and it has been sadly bare until now. We woke up today and it felt like the perfect time to decorate out tree. So we got out our plastic ornaments and our colorful lights and decked out the tree. Tysen was all over the place trying to do everything at once. He was so amazed by all the new "toys" that were brought down from the attic to decorate the tree with. He didn't want us to do anything without him, until after about 15 min, then he was ready to move on to bigger and better things.
Setting up the (non breakable) nativity scene.

Putting up ornaments with Mommy

Trying to do it himself.."I can do it Mommy"

Helping daddy put the hooks on

Maybe Daddy can help

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Work Christmas Party

Since I was young, I have always LOVED to get all dressed up to go somewhere. I still get very excited and in this case it was much needed. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and I really needed to take time for myself. Getting all prettied up rejuvenates the soul, I think. Even though it didn't start out very fun because when I went shopping for a dress I only got more depressed as I looked at my round figure in a bunch of ill fitting dresses. Thank goodness I came across this dress, which isn't even a maternity dress, because I was about to give up and it would've resulted in wearing sweats to Dan's Christmas Party. :-)
The Work Christmas Party was fun and I even won a $50 gift card. We had a yummy dinner and had a great time spending our fake money at the mock casino night. I am getting pretty good at Black Jack, I'm too scared to play anything else...maybe next year.
I was very proud to be on my hubby's arm all night. He always makes me feel like the only woman in the room. He looked very handsome as well. I even loved that we were color coordinated (like prom or something)
It was exactly the night I needed with my husband.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Stockings

I wanted to do these last year but there were...complications

So, I made sure to get them done this year before CHRISTMAS!
And even though my house is in shambles, I should be doing a million other things and my child was a little neglected for a day...We will have stockings for Christmas!
I'll go straighten out my priorities now :-)
...I'll do the new baby's next year

Friday, December 11, 2009


This had to happen before the baby came....

And it did...with little to no problems. (except that Mommy cried at the sight of her big boy in his big boy bed)

Mommy's Number 24 Birthday


Love the lights
Love the rides
Love that Tysen wanted to ride the carousel 20 times
Love the music
Loved Tysen's face on the Pirates of the Caribbean
Love that it is Christmas time
Love that I got to spend my Birthday with my Family!

Why is he's Disneyland!

Cookie Day!

Every year we have a cookie day with Dan's family and we make gingerbread houses. This year we had it in our backyard. The kids made some cool houses and by the end of it we had candy everywhere and frosting all over the concrete, the basketball hoop, the hammock, and the KIDS! What is cookie day without FROSTING WARS!
Dan working hard on the construction...I said I would decorate :-)

Working away, trying to build the BEST!

Decorating our mini-me house

We ended up with a pool and all...the boys were very creative but, mommy made the house look gooood!

Everyone with their awesome houses!
Love this tradition!

Tysen's Number 2 Party


For Tysen's number 2 birthday we just had Family over for dinner and sang happy birthday! Aunt Emily made an Elmo pinata that Tysen was not sure about hitting at first...But, after all the other kids hit the Elmo head Ty got right in there with them. Aunt Shelley (the cake expert) made the Elmo cake which was SUPER yummy. And Ty loved all of his Elmo decorations (which we left up for a few days just for fun). Tysen got lots of ELMO toys (are you starting to see a pattern yet?)and he got his first Geo Tracks set.
We have a tradition in our family that after the Happy Birthday song is sung and the candles get blown out the Birthday person has to BITE THE CAKE!
Tysen completely went for questions asked!
Tysen is so good at being the center of attention...he thrives off of it!