Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Fine Tuesday Morning...

February 16th 2010
at 9:30am
Jayden William Carlson was born
weighing 7 pounds and stretching out at 19 inches.
Mommy labored in the hospital for a mere five and a half hours. Things went smooth as can be and I have to say how much I love Fallbrook Hospital! I always feel as though I am the only one there with all the attention I get.

After labor I was escorted to my PRIVATE room! And we had a few visitors
including big brother Tysen. Tysen looked like a giant when he walked into the room. He was not my baby anymore. He suddenly turned into my Big Boy!

We went home the next day and took some time to relax and adjust to our family of four. It wasn't too hard. He defiantly is cute enough to be apart of our cute family.

Monday, February 15, 2010


We are very ready for Baby Jayden to arrive. Things are all in place and I keep running through the house cleaning up every little mess that I see.
This pregnancy has been pretty great.
Even though Jayden seems really strong, and at this point, it feels like he is going to just kick his way out.
He is an active boy all the time!
Anyone could feel him kick any time of the day. You could see my stomach moving in weird directions all the time!
It is hard to imagine that we will have a family of four soon.
We have gotten the rooms ready, the baby clothes are down, and the swing is out.
We are very anxious to meet you baby Jay.
I don't know if Big Brother Tysen fully understands what is about to happen but he seems excited to meet the baby in Mommy's tummy.
The Doctor's have been telling me for about two weeks now that I might go any day because I am already dilated a little. But...(sigh) ...that was two weeks ago and even though it is only two days before the due date we are left wondering....
Will this baby ever come?