Friday, August 19, 2011

World Photography Day

Apparently today is World Photography Day. So, I took the advise of one fabulous Jasmine Star and "grabbed my camera and shot something today." 
So, I recruited my children to help. 
I have been thinking of Baby Ruby a lot lately. Her story has impacted my life in so many ways. It is because of her and her families perspective that I did not hesitate on what I wanted to shoot today. I am most in love with photography when I can capture the happiness and joy of my own family. Sometimes I forget how happy it makes me. I get caught up in getting the job done for others that I skim over the fact that I bought my camera to document our life as a family.
It is when I take picture of them that I don't care if I am following the rule of thirds, or if my picture is in focus, or that the composition could be better. I fall in love with ever picture I take of them and I want to hang them all up on the walls. I want to remember these sweet faces because right now they are growing way to fast then I'm comfortable with. This time, jumping on the bed, will not be as fun soon and they will not be as easily amused. I want pictures of their toes, their noses, their big beautiful eyes. I want to remember how they smelled through these pictures. I know it is a lot to ask from a picture...but pictures are memories and I can remember their smell and the sound of their giggles and they jumped and then fell on each other.  
So, as I celebrate World Photography Day with my children I am grateful for the fact that my camera is able to capture such sweet moments. I am so thankful for my children and so thankful for Baby Ruby and her family, who taught me to savor moments and SLOW DOWN, have fun! We sing a little more (if that is possible)..we pretend a little more, we hug and kiss a little more...and I take a little more time for my children (period).  All of these moments are tender mercies from the Lord and I am most thankful for that!
Happy World Photography Day!
Thank goodness we have photography because sometimes words just aren't enough.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To The Greatest Daddy on the PLANET!!

"Walk a little slower, Daddy,"

said a child so small.

"I'm following in your footsteps

and I don't want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,

Sometimes they're hard to see;

So walk a little slower, Daddy,

For you are leading me.

Someday when I'm all grown up,

You're what I want to be;

Then I will have a little child

Who'll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,

And know that I was true;

So, walk a little slower, Daddy,

For we must follow you."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today You Have Grown Even More Wonderful!

Many people do not like to divulge their age and, to them, birthdays are a terrible day that only emphasizes that hideous number. 

But, I think that the number is the beautiful thing about birthdays.

I know that when I look at my husband, who has turned 34 today,
I see a man who is...

34 times more handsome today

34 times more wise

34 times funnier

34 times more of a man

34 times better as a father

34 times a better kisser

34 times more charming

and he has 34 wonderful years of a great life lived!

So, to be ashamed of the number (34) would mean you were ashamed of the 34 years of memories and experiences.
So, Hunny, I refuse to keep your age a secret because I am proud of these amazing years. I can't wait to have more with you. I have a lot of love wrapped up in you and I love you more every second. So, you better get older so that I can love you up more and more everyday.

I love you Daniel!
Happy 34th Birthday Baby!

I guess 34 is kind of old.....
(HA! just kidding...had to throw an old man joke in there.)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movies Outside

As it gets hotter we start to spend a lot more time outside.
It is the favorite place to be right now. From the time they wake the time Daddy comes home...the boys want to just play, play, play outside.

We have even started watching movies outside instead of in the T.V. room.
They pull their little chairs over to the BBQ Island and sit and enjoy a show the shade.
Tysen always has to have the Blue chair.

We love spring/summer time
(it's getting so hot I can't tell which on it is right now)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boys 101

To Be a Boy You Need:

A Sword

Some Armor

Some Dirt

Bad Guys (who are out to get you)

Hiding Places


A Very Active Imagination

Tysen got a lesson on being a boy this week while his cousin Gavin was over to play.
Gavin taught Tysen all about the art of sword fighting and "bad guy" (or, as Tysen puts it, bad boys).

They had to have all the Armor on for protection.
This was what they gave Jayden for protection :-)

Gavin made good use of a helmet, a shield and a baseball bat (or sword).

...And Tysen had a sword and some armor that covered his chest (who cares if it is upside down)

Of course, the outfit would not have worked without PJ's
(even though it was probably 1:00 in the afternoon)

These two knights saved me from a lot of bad guys...and believe me, there were a lot.
But, I wasn't worried one bit...I had three strong , brave, heroes protecting me!

I am one lucky Damsel.

I mean just look how determined they are to protect!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If I do not put him down for his morning nap...he will pass out by himself in random places.
His favorite spot is his highchair... he does that a lot
The other day he was playing in my room in front of my bed while I did laundry. After a while I didn't hear him anymore but I could hear some little snorting sounds...he was out!

He is a snorty sleeper! We had the dog sleeping in our room one night and Jayden in our bed (which is a rare occasion...our children actually prefer their own beds) and Dan leaned over to me and said...I can't tell which one is snorting more the Dog or Jayden!

Anyways, this time he passed out with two binkies ( I can not bring myself to wean him yet..I need the binkies to stick around a little longer )

 ...And his shoes on
He brings me his shoes now. I think he thinks it means something exciting is going to happen if we put his shoes on.

Sleepy babies are one of the things I will miss when they are all grown...(sigh)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Essence of Newport..In Love

I planned a relaxing weekend for my hubby as a belated Valentine's surprise.
We went down to Newport and stayed at a cute bed and breakfast right on the beach.
I just got my new camera from my hubby for Valentines Day so we had a lot of fun trying it out on the gorgeous day at the beach.
I have always loved his smile...what a cutie I have for a husband.

My husband actually really loves the camera and loves to try his hand at photography every now and then...and I am afraid he is better than me sometimes....or I'm just a really good model ;-)

I love little details

I am so mad that my husband gets to claim this shot. I mean, I did tell him the details of what I wanted the shot to look like... and then I posed the right I should get some credit, right?
But, technically, he was holding the this (my favorite shot of the day) goes to my husband.

Pictures under the pier.

I really loved feeling Newport's vibe. It was so relaxing yet it had a great energy about it that makes you want to just break out in a hip hop dance or stop to do yoga. We did not do either one but were very tempted to.

yes...It must be that I am just that good of a model...I think I will be in another life.

At the end of the day we went on a romantic, sunset gondola ride. We have never been on one before and it ended up being really great! (ok it was a little cheesy with the boom box blaring the oldies and the basket filled with lunchable meat and cheese)...But even so, the old romantic songs playing in the background were sweet and it was fun to boat around the Newport harbor and envy all the amazing homes and great big boats.

I love you know I do!
Your it for me!

#103 I love that you will put up with my cheesy plan to ride the gondola. And I love that we can laugh at ourselves.