Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If I do not put him down for his morning nap...he will pass out by himself in random places.
His favorite spot is his highchair... he does that a lot
The other day he was playing in my room in front of my bed while I did laundry. After a while I didn't hear him anymore but I could hear some little snorting sounds...he was out!

He is a snorty sleeper! We had the dog sleeping in our room one night and Jayden in our bed (which is a rare occasion...our children actually prefer their own beds) and Dan leaned over to me and said...I can't tell which one is snorting more the Dog or Jayden!

Anyways, this time he passed out with two binkies ( I can not bring myself to wean him yet..I need the binkies to stick around a little longer )

 ...And his shoes on
He brings me his shoes now. I think he thinks it means something exciting is going to happen if we put his shoes on.

Sleepy babies are one of the things I will miss when they are all grown...(sigh)


Betheny said...

OH my cuteness! Seriously one of the sweetest pics ever!

Veronica and Johnnie said...

Very cute! I love sleeping baby pics.

I haven't weaned Nathan off the binky either. I am actually dreaded it. I didn't have this problem with the other boys.