Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Essence of Newport..In Love

I planned a relaxing weekend for my hubby as a belated Valentine's surprise.
We went down to Newport and stayed at a cute bed and breakfast right on the beach.
I just got my new camera from my hubby for Valentines Day so we had a lot of fun trying it out on the gorgeous day at the beach.
I have always loved his smile...what a cutie I have for a husband.

My husband actually really loves the camera and loves to try his hand at photography every now and then...and I am afraid he is better than me sometimes....or I'm just a really good model ;-)

I love little details

I am so mad that my husband gets to claim this shot. I mean, I did tell him the details of what I wanted the shot to look like... and then I posed the right I should get some credit, right?
But, technically, he was holding the this (my favorite shot of the day) goes to my husband.

Pictures under the pier.

I really loved feeling Newport's vibe. It was so relaxing yet it had a great energy about it that makes you want to just break out in a hip hop dance or stop to do yoga. We did not do either one but were very tempted to.

yes...It must be that I am just that good of a model...I think I will be in another life.

At the end of the day we went on a romantic, sunset gondola ride. We have never been on one before and it ended up being really great! (ok it was a little cheesy with the boom box blaring the oldies and the basket filled with lunchable meat and cheese)...But even so, the old romantic songs playing in the background were sweet and it was fun to boat around the Newport harbor and envy all the amazing homes and great big boats.

I love you know I do!
Your it for me!

#103 I love that you will put up with my cheesy plan to ride the gondola. And I love that we can laugh at ourselves.

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