Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day

We went up to Palm Springs and took the tram up to the snow! We had to see the snow before our Christmas high faded. We bought a sled on our way up. It was a very busy day, very crowded! If we were to do it again we would get up there EARLY!

We got up there and just had fun sledding down "kid friendly" hills. Tysen would not stop; he wanted to keep going up and down the hills. Jayden just wanted to crawl around and eat snow and whatever else he could pick up.

We made a snowman and it didn't last long because of the giant baby that pulverized it...Poor snowman, didn't stand a chance.

He just kicked back until Dan got him to the top.

Jayden is adorable! That's all I can say

Jayden is so wiggly and all he wanted to do was crawl away. He is going to travel the world one day. He can't stay in one place. He is too curious.

I love myself a great family day.

On the ride home we passed a lot of COWS! They smelled so bad that Dan had to sniff an empty Gatorade bottle in order to block the smell.
I just thought it was the funniest thing. He drove like this for like 20 min.
#102 I love how much you make me laugh and I love that you get grossed out so easily...hahaha

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Morning

We had such a great Christmas this year! Crazy...but great!
Black Friday Shopping
Ty's Birthday
(remind me to post about that)
Cookie Making
Homemade PJ's
Made a stocking for Jayden
Got Sick
Birthday...Went to see a Christmas concert
No sweets through the holidays
Shopping for families in need
Christmas parties
Wrapped presents
Christmas lights
But the best part about it all was Christmas Morning...
and the look on their faces!
Really can't beat family time!
(we had lots of that too)