Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter?...Well We Tried!

Tysen woke up with a terrible cough on Friday. We took him to the Doc and he had croup (again). So we got him some steroids and we thought it would be ok.
Saturday came and he was still not feeling to good. He was chompin on his fingers and I discovered some bottom molars coming in!
We tried really hard to make Easter still enjoyable for our sick little man by taking him to Grandma's and having a GRAND egg hunt. Poor guy was so loopy...everyone kept saying that he looked like he was DRUNK! It was almost cute the way he tried to have fun even though he was completely out of it.
Mommy had to lay down with Ty because he was soooo tired and miserable.

Here he is right before the egg hunt "trying" to smile for the camera
That's better...
Trying to hunt for eggs...he wasn't very it was FREAZZZING!
Then on Sunday we had another egg hunt for my side of the family and he was the same as he was on Saturday...loopy and drunk. We didn't even get a chance to have him open his basket because he was sleeping a lot on Sunday. He was even in P.J.'s almost all day.
We let him open it this morning...(but no pictures) :-(
It all went by too fast!
Saturday at my Sister's house hunting eggs...(in jammies)

Ty found the one egg and he was done.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is Why I was Late

Tysen and I were running late this morning. I was rushing around changing diaper, feeding breakfast, picking out clothes, makeup, hair, teeth, seat belt, diaper bag....(you get the picture). We finally get in the car and off we go to keep our appointment.
On the corner (coming out of my street) There is a little ranch and the horses were out today...up close and personal! I was about to drive by when from the back seat I hear a little animal sound. It wasn't quite a horse sound (more like and elephant) but my little Ty-man recognized the animals and I could not pass up the opportunity to let him see them up close (I mean he went through the trouble to mimic the sound and everything....what is a Mom to do?)
So we pull over and He was so excited to get out and see these big animals that came right up to him and sniffed his face, hands, hair. He was in awe of these creatures.
These are the kinds of reasons I might make an exception to be late.
To watch my son petting these horses and being so excited made me realize that it is ok to stop and take a breath for a while and to enjoy each other, instead of rushing here and there all the time. It certainly wasn't the end of the world if we missed our appointment...but I was certain it would've been the end of the world had I not allowed my son this new experience to pet the horses.
And we still made it to our appointment (fairly) on-time.

Sticking his tongue out!

Ty petting the nice horsey

One eye on the camera


Up Close and Personal!

What are you lookin at Lady!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Every Bit...

Here is every bit of Ty! I just want to eat him up!

The Tool Man

I couldn't resist posting these pictures! I have turned into a picture taking addict...Believe me. I could be posting more pictures...I am seriously holding back. Plus I learned a cool technique in photoshop so I have been obsessed with that lately too.
Here is a picture that I played with of Tysen and his cute little converse
(Thanks Kristin...they finally fit him)

Then, here are some pics of Tysen playing with all his tools. He let me put his safety goggles on and he got right to work. Mostly "fixing the mirror" by pounding on it with the hammer. He was so cute keeping his little goggles on and he would look at him self in the mirror every once in a while to see how Gooood he looked!

I love my little handy man!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long Lost Pals!

So, Tysen loves to go to the slider door and look for Roxy (our dog). He knocks on the window and makes doggy sounds until she comes. When Roxy hears him or sees him at the window they both just sit there and stare at each other like they are two friends who have been separated. They are so funny together!
Now, Roxy is a HYPER ACTIVE DOG! We put her away when other kids or people come because she jumps or licks (never bites)...but she does have sharp nails.
But, when she is with Tysen she is so mellow! It is so weird! They have so much fun playing outside. Tysen will beat up on her and Roxy will just sit there and let him.
Ty's favorite thing to do is feed Roxy grass. Roxy will lick it from his hands (don't ask me why my dog eats grass) and Ty will laugh soooo hard. Man those two are funny!

The Zoo!

My Sister-in-law, Emily, invited Ty and I to go with her and her son (Jackson) to the San Diego Zoo. She had a free pass for us. Tysen has just started to make animal sounds so he was having fun making all the sounds of the animals that he knew...(mostly just the elephant) Tysen and Jackson are buddies and they were having a good time just hanging out in their strollers....ok well, Jackson cried when we put him in the stroller and Ty cried when we took him out of the stroller. They were a little off but they were still enjoying being there. We didn't get to see everything because the boys decided that they were going to run the show. Let's just say there was a lot of whining...mad faces....and stubborn moments going on from those two. Hopefully we will be able to go back again and finish what we started. It was nice to spend the day out and about and have some good conversation with my Sis!

Ty in front of the prairie dogs

Elephant on a don't see that everyday!

Ty and Jackson in front of the Giraffes

Jackson eating his snack...and saving some for later.

Cuddly Koalas

Thanks Auntie Emily and Cousin Jackson!