Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I wanted to thank these women for all of their hard work in raising me and my husband.
We love them so much, I don't think they will ever know...
I wanted to thank my Mother in law for raising the greatest man that I have ever known. My husband is a wonderful person all the way through. It is actually incredible how kind and loving he is. I thought that he had to be the most caring, loving, kind person in the world...and then....I met his Mother. When I met Dan's Mother I finally understood where his great qualities came from. This woman would give anything for anyone. She would drop what she was doing in a moment just to help you pick something up off the floor. She is so giving and she forgets herself completely, in order to think of others needs. She cares so much about her family... she cares so much about people in general. She has a gift for empathising with you and trying so hard to understand the way you feel. She always has great information too. She is very wise (I know my husband got that from her too). I look at her and I am so appreciative to her for all that she has done for us as a family. I appreciate her qualities because I know that it was those qualities that made my husband the most amazing man. I want to make my boys as strong and as loving as she has made her children.
I look at her and think..."What a Woman!"
Love you Mom Carlson!
On this day I can't help but think of this woman who raised me to be such a great woman :-)

My mother has an incredible spirit. She has a strong spirit. She is patient and wise. She is so talented and always seems to find a way to make things happen. She has a deep love for her children (all fourteen!)

She has taught me so much through out my life. It was through her patients, trust and love that I learned my greatest lessons in life. To this day I really don't know how she has done it all. I never knew how she ever put up with me until I had my own children. I know now that it is only through love that she was able to with stand the "teenage years".

I look at her with so much love and admiration. She is always smiling and is always excited to see and to be with her children. I am so proud to be her daughter. I can only hope that I can turn out to be a Mother like she is. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and her testimony is unshakable. Our conversations never end without her bearing some of her testimony with me, which, in turn, strengthens my testimony. She always woke us up at the crack of dawn (before seminary...yes BEFORE!) to read scriptures as a family and to say family prayers...we never missed a day. She encouraged our strengths and strengthened our weaknesses. And was always quick to forgive our mistakes. I know God meant for her to be a Mom but I don't know if he anticipated her to be the BEST!

I love you Mom for making it your life's goal to be the Best!

You are my Hero!

Today, Tysen was sick still from yesterday so these are just some of the faces I got. I guess for me Mother's Day was all about doing the Motherly things that Mothers taking care of a sick two year old and making sure he is happy and comfortable...minimizing his sadness and pain.
Daddy bought him a "I love Mommy" shirt to wear. I loved that!
Eventually, Tysen calmed down and he was trying so hard not to be sick and to be happy.
Daddy and my sweet baby boys got me flowers, cards, candy and a very pretty watch.
Daddy made me dinner and even finished the night with doing the dishes!
It was a great Mother's Day!
I am so luck to be the Mother to such beautiful, sweet, cuddly boys. They are my life and I will spend the rest of my life trying to help them grow in the best ways possible. I devote my life to them and my husband because...Where would I be without them?
I love you Tysen and Jayden...and I love being your Mommy.
I know I will do a good job because I have learned from some of the best Mommy's in the world.
(That includes all of my sisters and sister-in-laws)

He knows My "Real Name"

Daddy- "Ty, say Happy Mother's Day"
Ty- "Happy Mother's Day.. Crystal
(Oh no, he knows my real name and he is using it against me on Mother's Day)
Me- "Hey MR. You call me Mommy on Mothers Day!
Ty- Ok, Crystal
Me- :-(

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dan's Birthday Weekend

My goal for Dan's Birthday was to take as much stress off of his shoulders as possible. So, for the sake of being close to the kids, we went to Pala Resort and Spa. We had a yummy dinner at "The Great Oak" in Pechanga. Then we sat and listened to a live band play Bob Marley songs. We even danced a little.
Then we went to go check into our room and the resort had upgraded us to the Luxury Suit! It was so niiiiiice!
I loved the Jacuzzi tub :-)
Dan opened one of his presents. The Kodak zi8 (HD) pocket camcorder.
Then we had room service brought up for breakfast and from there we went to the spa to get a couples massage. Dan said it was the best he's ever had. It all felt so relaxed and Dan didn't even have problems to deal with at work. (every time we go on any kind of get away there is always a major problem that comes up at work for him...ALWAYS. So, it was really nice for him not to have to stress about it.)
Then, we went and saw Iron Man 2. We have not seen a movie in ages so this was exciting.
We ended the day picking up our sweet boys and giving them lots of kisses and hugs! Even though it was soooo what we needed and soooo relaxing, we still missed the boys terribly.
Then today Tysen woke up with the flu at around 1am and we have been so exhausted. But, by late afternoon he was feeling much better so we decided to make a cake for Daddy and Tysen wanted to give Daddy the present that he picked out.

Daddy made a wish and blew out his one pink candle :-)
(sorry it was the only color I had)

Tysen licked the cake for Daddy.

Daddy got a snow cone/ slushy machine with the flavors and everything because Daddy loooooves his slushies!
Don't get a brain freeze Daddy, take it slow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Air Show! March Air Force

We woke up early and headed to the air show at March Air Force. Tysen was in HEAVEN when he saw all of the cool air planes flying around so close.
When the loud jets came by he played it cool by placing one hand on Daddy's leg and grabbing on tight. He was really scared but only I could tell :-)

There were so many planes and jets on the ground for Tysen to sit in and be amazed by.

We sat under a ginormous airplane to get shade. We stayed there through out the show. It is not everyday we get to kick it under the wing of an airplane.
Tysen had his little airplane and he kept flying it around doing the sound effects. (I loved that!)

Oh! Their faces were so cute. They seemed as though they were both the same age at this point. It was a little boy's dream (that includes the little kid inside of Dan ).

Some amazing stunts from the Jets. They were so cool and I loved taking pictures of them. I could see the little guys in the jets with my telephoto lens.

It was one of those days that I just sat back and watched with Joy at how much Joy these airplanes brought my two boys.

Jayden was such a good boy..he slept a lot and I just held him in the shade while Tysen and Dan were joined at the hip. Tysen was like Dan's shadow. (so Cute!)

Yup! It was just one of those good days...ya know?