Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today I Sat UP!!!

My Mom has been practicing sitting up with me for a couple days now. But, today when she sat me up I stayed sitting up for a long time. She kept helping me sit up then she would take her hands away and I was sitting up all by myself really well! I am very proud of myself and my Mom and Dad said that they are really proud of me. You can see in these pictures how proud I am of myself.

My First Airplane Ride!

When my Mom, my Aunty Shelley, my cousin Laura, and I went to Utah for my Grandma's birthday party we flew on an airplane to get there and back. It was my very first airplane ride and I though it was really cool! I liked to look out the window.

Here I am looking out my window at all the little people.
I was very happy and excited to be flying on an airplane

Then My cousin Laura and I took a nap. I woke up when my Mom tried to bother me with pictures.

Monday, June 16, 2008

First Father's Day for my Dad!

This was my Daddy's first Father's day. He was a pretty excited Dad! I got him this cool shirt that says "super cool Dad" on it, because he is a Super Super Cool Dad. We always have fun with eachother!
Man how I love my Dad! I mean just look how happy I am!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

I Met My Gradma Whitman!!

My mom took me to go see my Grandma Whitman in Utah a couple weeks ago (at the end of May). It was my Grandma's 60th birthday and we went down to suprise her with a big party and ME! I had never met her before because she lives far I was pretty excited! We went to my Aunt and Uncles house and helped them with the party. We decorated...well my mom and other aunts and uncles did while I slept or drank my bottle. But, when my Gradma walked in to her party she was so excited and then when she saw me she was even more excited!! She held me for almost the rest of the time. Oh ya and my Aunty Emily A. was there too and she held me a lot. It was a very fun day! My Grandma thinks I look exactly like my Daddy (which I do) and she thinks I make really funny faces (which I do).

I love having Grandmas! They are FUN!

This is my grandma and Mom

Here my grandma
blowing out the candles

Here she is biting
the cake.

This is my Aunty Betheny and me.

This is pictures of my
grandma and my Aunty
Emily holding me.

here is the cake that
my Aunty Betheny made
pretty cool huh!

Here is my Aunty Shelley,
my Uncle Quinn, My cousin Laura,
and me and my Grandma..I look sad!

My Great Grandpa was an amazing man!

My great grandpa left this life and entered into eternal life on May 12, 2008. I only new him for a short while but I knew that he was a Great Man! He liked to hold me. He loved babies like me. One of the things that mom said she heard about him was that he used to always tell his children when they went somewhere to "always leave the world cleaner than it was before." or something like that. He was such an example. My Daddy said that he could not remember my grandpa being mad or upset. Oh ya, and my grandpa was really crazy in his airplane. He would ride upside down and he would pretend that the plane was going to crash and then turn the engine back on and keep flying. Apparently, he scared a lot of people; but, he was a great pilot. I imagine that he gets to fly as much as he wants now that he is in Heaven. I know that I will see him again because I know that Jesus Christ paved the way for us to return to our Father in Heaven. I know that is where my Great Grandpa is right now. I bet he is having lots of fun!

I love you Grandpa!

Here are a few pictures of me and my family at my Great Grandpa's funeral