Thursday, August 21, 2008

I can do sign language

My Mom and Dad have been teaching me how to do sign language. I already know how to say "eat" and "milk". Just recently I learned how to say "more". So now I have my parents wrapped around my finger. Whatever I want I get...hahaha. They think that they are in control, but how come evertime I do my sign language they pretty much give me everything I want? I love them but they are suckers for me.

The many faces of ME!

I make a lot of funny faces. Today my Mom took just a few. I have tons more!

Wild Animal Park

Mommy and I were invited to go the Wild Animal Park in San Diego by Maria, my Aunt Emily, my Uncle Derek, and my cousin Jackson. It was really fun. We saw lots of animals like cheetas, lions, and birds. We took a bus to go see all of the really cool animals like the giraffs and rihnos. We had a blast!

This is the zoo keeper feeding the cheetas
this is me and my standing next to really pretty birds...I look a little worried
Here is the gang that was there with us...except Maria...she is taking the picture.
Me and my Mom got to ride a huge rihno.
My Uncle Derek is showing me a real praying mantice that he found.
It was really sunny so I had to whip out me cool dude shades.
This is the bus that we rode. I think my mom had more fun playing with me than looking at the animals.