Friday, June 25, 2010

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

...And now Jayden will show us how to roll over at only 4 MONTHS!
Tysen did not roll for a long time. I think it was at like 8 months; but, we knew Jayden would be a super strong boy because he liked to kick really hard in Mommy's tummy. He has proven to be even stronger since he was born. He is so impatient and strong willed but when he is happy he is really happy! He has also been smiling since only a couple days after birth. He might know what he wants and will not quite until he gets it... but he is very sweet and really fun to tickle and play with.
I really can't get over how strong he is!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Spent the day at Tom's Farm with my bestest friend from high school.

I got to meet her new sweet baby boy James.

He is sooo adorable. That kid is gunna be a model.

Tysen got to go around with Dan on the train and on the carousel while Whit and I caught up a bit.

Her awesome family came with her and it was good to see them too.

It was such a nice day and it was so relaxing being able to laugh and just hang out.

So excited she will be here for a whole month!

I mean seriously a gorgeous baby!
Aren't' they the cutest! What a beautiful Momma!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Nathan

I loved taking shots of this Cute Chubbo Baby!He is a month younger than Jay...Jay can't even compare to Nate's chubbiness.
For the pictures Nathan kept sticking his tongue out and smiling like crazy at his Daddy. He also liked spitting up on his Daddy. I got some nice close up pictures of that :-) He is a special little spirit and he has awesome parents.
Love you Nate!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Wonder

Dedicated to Jayden on his blessing day.

I wonder what you’ll do
I wonder who’ll you’ll see
I wonder what lives you’ll touch
I wonder who’ll you’ll be

I still wonder who you look like more
Your Mom or your Dad
And I still wonder what makes you happy
and what makes you sad

I look at you now
With your bright alert eyes
Seeing the world so simply
Seeing no bad, hearing no lies

Your innocence inspires me
And makes me think clearer
You feel our home with love and life
And bring the presence of God nearer

I wonder if I will be able to raise you right
I know I will try
I will take it day by day and enjoy you now
I know that life flies so fast and it will soon pass me by

I don’t ever want to miss a laugh
I don’t ever want to miss a smile
I don’t want to miss kissing your tears
I want to make ever moment worth its while

Always know that you are the world to us
Know that you are a precious child of god
You have a special purpose to fulfill
Remember to hold fast to the iron rod

Some last words of advise…
It is better to have loved
than to have never loved at all
Always get right back up after you fall

Please remember to live as the savior did
Please remember to have joy in your life
Be strong in your faith
And let Christ help you carry the strife.

Jayden's Blessing Day

We finally blessed Jayden. He is almost 3 months and his blessing outfit would not have lasted another month.
We were so happy to be able to know that you are healthy and to be able to give you a Father's Blessing in front of our ward and family.
You had a lot of family come to witness your blessing...(we literally took up about 5 rows... and it wasn't even half the family).
Your Father gave an amazing blessing for you from your Heavenly Father.
It talked a lot about missionary work and how you will be able to share the gospel. That is one big thing that stood out to me.
It also said to learn to be patient and I think you could start using that piece of advise like NOW!
Jayden we love you so much. You light up the day with your smile. You are very good at flirting.
We thank our beloved Heavenly Father for you every day!

Look how big you are! You do not look like a newborn getting blessed. Daddy was worried that if we waited to long to bless you, you would try to run away from them. We were close, but you stayed put. You only started to wine for the last part of the blessing.