Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tysen's # 3 Birthday


We just had a small get together for Ty-man. By small I mean only our family, which include 10+ cousins. We have plenty of guests without inviting the whole primary class. I think next year we will attempt inviting the primary class.

Yummy big cupcake! With Blues Clues Spots. Mommy was running late and put the frosting on when the cake was still hot...it all tastes the same to him though.

The "Whitman" Bite the Cake tradition

He is my first child...he does not like to get messy or sticky, so he had to eat his cake with a fork.

Jayden, on the other hand, could care less. The fastest way to get it in the mouth is his method.

He has been wanting a cozy coop for soooooo long! We should have got him one last year. Mommy and Daddy surprised him!

opening other gifts (There was a "Toy Story" theme to the presents)
He loved it! Especially his "DR. EVIL PORKCHOP!" (as Tysen says it)

Birthday kisses from cousins! So sweet!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm

Saturday we decided to hang out at KNOTT'S with snoopy!
It was raining a little so there were no lines.
The sun came out and still no lines...it was the best.
We must have gone on the "bus" ride 10 times.
He loved saying "Hi" and giving hugs to Snoopy. And he was GLUED to the Charlie Brown skit that they put on. We had to watch both showings. He got called up on stage by Linus to sing Jingle Bells.
Tysen loves Knott's Berry Farm. He loves the log ride, the bus ride, the cars, the trucks, the tug boat, the train, the airplanes. He gets to go on a lot of the rides all by himself like a big boy. Jayden even got to ride a couple rides.
Our little boys excited faces were just so cute. I could have watched them play there forever.

By the way....
Ty-Man got GLASSES! His eyes are turning out so they are trying to train the muscles to come back in. If we can train those muscles then he will avoid muscle eye surgery. So we are all for the glasses.

He does look awfully cute in them. He gets even more attention and almost everyday someone stops me just to tell me he looks like the kid from "Jerry Maguire".

Sunday, November 21, 2010


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Monday, November 15, 2010

I Miss You The Most!

I don't know what I was thinking but on the night of October 9th I agreed to a bet with four other women. An insane, crazy destructive BET!
(yes, through the holidays...as if it weren't crazy enough!)
But, my worst pet peeve in myself is making a goal and not achieving it. So I am still going strong. But, OH...how I miss my friend...CHOCOLATE!!!
I honestly don't think this will turn into a complete life change for me but I think that I will be able to limit myself on the sweets.
Poor, Dan...he gets the brunt of it. He has to endure my crazy rants, shakes and with drawls. I swear, when it is that time of the month..chocolate works better than any drug.
Regardless, I will ENDURE TO THE END!
It's been about a month so far...no sweets (oh and eating better).
This is huge for me because Chocolate has become a real problem for me.
I am amazed, though, at the will power I didn't know I had. It is becoming easier and easier to just overlook the sweets or just put it down.
p.s. Those who fail to hold out until January have to Dance and sing in the middle of the Mall. That is another good motivator for me because there is no way I will make a deliberate fool of myself.
DAN: #102 I love that you love me....chocolate withdrawals and all. And, even though I am crazy sometimes you still support my goals!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello... Dan?..or is it Neil Diamond?

If I could have recorded the events from last night and edited them...The play by play would have gone something like this...
-Me - Tysen and I are going to sing karaoke
Dan- Whatever
Tysen- YAY! karaoke!!
-Mommy and Tysen begin to rock the karaoke machine....
-15 min. later-
-Dan is sitting on the couch watching Mommy and Tysen sing to "Good Day Sunshine" by the Beatles
-Dan begins to mouth the words
-Ty leaves his mic next to Daddy (big mistake)
-5 min later-
-Daddy and Mommy are battling it out on the karaoke machine (mommy destroyed Daddy)
-Daddy tells Mommy to stop singing...
-10 min. later-
-Mommy and Tysen are playing legos
-Daddy is standing up now singing his heart out to "Hello" by Neil Diamond :-)
-During instrumental break Daddy wispers in the mic..."Man, I sound good."
I knew you wanted to karaoke Hunny! And I knew it was just a matter of time ;-)
#101. I love when you sing "Hello" by Neil Diamond like it is the last song you will ever sing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween we had two munch munches to dress up. I seriously feel like I just dressed Tysen up as Elmo.
This year Tysen was (can you guess?) MURRAY from the wiggles. We ironed on the little logo on his shirt and glue gunned ribbon down his black pants, stuck a red electric guitar (a miraculous find) in his hand and sent him trunk or treating.
The other munch went as a skunk (suits him well). I was way too last minute to find him a costume. I attempted party city and immediately walked out. My sister had this skunk costume she had made like 12 years ago for her daughter who wore it. I thought it was a great idea for our little stinker!
Plus, I mean really? How adorable!
Please just ignore the un-carved pumpkins...I just barley got costumes do you think I had time to carve pumpkins? Maybe we will carve a turkey in them and make them our thanksgiving pumpkins. At least, we got pumpkins this year.
Anyways, enjoy the pictures of the very scrumptious children that are mine.

They are so cute together. Excuse the minimal blur. They were moving very fast.
I was shooting blindly pretty much.

Jayden did not even put up a fight for his costume...Oddly, he seemed to wear it with pride.

Tysen is a way better "red" wiggle than Murray is. He rocks the electric guitar way harder. This year was great for Tysen because it was the first year that he seemed to really embrace the tradition. He said his "Trick or Treat" line nice and loud and followed it up with a polite "thank you" He even complimented one lady's dog, "you have a wonderful dog" he said! She got a kick out of that! Tysen loved that the trunk or treat was at the park this year. It was like heaven to be able to play on the playground and follow it up with Trick or Treating. He ate like 6 pieces of candy just on the way home...which was not even 2 min. away.

As usual, Jay just went along for the ride and go sooo much attention.