Friday, July 25, 2008

First Beach daddy :-(

I had my first BEACH DAY! We went without my Dad because my Mom wanted to spend time with my Auntie Becca before she left. We missed my Daddy very very much! I wasn't the happiest camper on the beach but I had my moments. When my Mom took me to sit in the water I splashed a lot. Then a bigger wave came and got me really really wet... that is when I didn't like it. All in all we had a fun day! Just wish my Dad could have been there.

Here is me liking the water..posing for the camera

Leave me alone....I'm pondering.

Mine and Mommy's feet in the sand

All of my really cool cousins...You are probably wondering were I am. Well I am getting cleaned off...the sand in my diaper did not feel good...that is all you need to know.

My First Time on the Boat...WHOO-HOO!

My parents took me on the boat for the first time! It was soooo exciting. When we were going slow I didn't like it because the life vest was too weird but when we went fast I was screaming and laughing and having so much fun!
This is me with my Aunty Ashley. She is staying at our house for now. She thought I was funny!
Awww...I love to feel the wind in my hair

WARNING! The boat will make you tired. So I just fell asleep on my Aunty Ash and my Aunty Becca.

...And then I woke up and it was back to screaming and laughing

My Aunty Becca loves me! She came down from Maryland to hang out with us. The two girls are hers...they are some cool cousins. Her son Tyler was there too..I like him a lot because people call us both Ty!

Movie and Air Balloons

Last week we went to the park and watched a movie on a big screen. I'm not too into movies yet but I love to be outside and with my family! But I was into the air balloons that they were blowing up. It looked really cool at night because we could see them light up! It was so neat...I could watch it for hours.

Here is me and my mom watching the was way past my bedtime but I stayed up and didn't cry!

My Dad and I really like the balloons! He proposed to my Mom after taking her on an air balloon ride.

My First 4th of July!

This year was my very first 4th of July. We played in the pool all day with lots of my family and neighbors. Then we went to the church parking lot to watch fireworks...Man, I was doing the monkey face all through the fireworks! I couldn't get enough of it! They were so cool!

Here I am the morning of standing up in my crib all by myself

When my Mom was getting the food ready she put me in my bouncer seat. When she came back in from outside she found me like this. I had fallen through my seat and I was still playing away..until I saw her of course..then I started crying.

Here is me and my best pal! I love my dad and we are almost matching with our flag t-shirts!

My mom and I always have fun together!

Here is my cool lookin family! Look how happy we are together!

I wanted to throw this in because it is an excellent shot of me...MAN AM I CUTE OR WHAT!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey everybody,I entered Ty-man in a "My Beautiful Baby" Contest on 104.3 fm. If he wins he gets a 20,000 dollars of scholarship money and he gets to be in inTouch magazine. I'm just interested in the money for college. So if you could help us out and vote for Tysen that would be awesome. Go to and vote. The voting starts tomarrow and goes through till the 27th which is Sunday. Then there are three more rounds and I'm pretty sure I can put him in those too. I will let you know when to vote again!Come on vote!! I mean look at the face! THANK YOU!!!

I am contestant #23 please vote for me!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photo Shoot with Mommy!

My Uncle Mike let my Mom borrow some studio equipment to take pictures. I modeled for her. I did really good since I can sit up so well. I had many different faces but my most famous (and the one I am most known for) is my Monkey Face. It is a twist between "Blue Steel" and "King Kong". I also did a happy look, a sad look, and many others that I find to work well with my bone structure. Oh and my Mommy did good behind the camera, even though I don't think I can take a bad picture.

Oh ya and I have been really sick for a week. I had to go to the hospital for dehydration because I was vomiting so much. So I want you all to notice how great I look even though I've been sick. That is allllllll Nat-ur-al BABY!