Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheesy Matching Jammies

These will never get old for me.
We made it a tradition to have matching pajamas for Christmas and I LOVE cheesy as it is.
The only thing is that matching P.J.'s cost a fortune so the only other option is to make them!
Last year I made them but with the help of my wonderful sister...ok...with A LOT of help from my sister...ok, she pretty much made them for me!
Anyways, I did not want to bug her again so I found a tutorial online and I am soooo proud of myself! They are super easy and now I know how to make then for every year!
(and I did it all for about 25$ bucks!)

I made my pattern by tracing an old pair of P.J. pants. Then cut is out and sewed each leg together

Then you have to sew the legs to each other by putting one leg inside the other and sewing around the crotch area
The only thing left is to size the waist band and hem up the bottom.
With in a couple hours I had three pairs of pajama bottoms.

Here are all three...Tysen's are too cute!

We just got matching shirts and I designed a little logo on the computer then ironed them onto the shirt.
They are not perfect but they turned out cuter than anything they had online!