Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Be Deceived

He may look very cute and cuddly but he knows exactly what he does.
This is Jayden after I tried to put a bite of cereal in his mouth (yes, after only ONE bite, he looked like this)
I have tried everything...the kid does not like cereal. I did sugar. I did bottle. I did lots of sugar.
He refuses to eat it.
He purses his lips and does a sour face like I just gave him a lemon.
When he sees the spoon coming his way he starts flipping his hands around and covers his face while putting it face down on his tray. So that I have NO chance of touching the spoon to his mouth. After this big fight he put up...he looks like this! (refer to above picture)
He won't eat cereal but he will eat 12 oz of milk within a 4 hour time period..and not spit up!

On another note:
Jayden is now 6 months and is doing great!
We are so blessed by the health of our children. I am so excited when I can say that we are all healthy and doing well.
(Even though, the medical bills have made Daniel and I a lotta sick in head)
Jayden is a very strong willed, stubborn boy.
When he want to eat, he will let you know....SERIOUS!
He is very wiggly (as predicted from being in my tummy)
and he is very very strong.
He was rolling over at 4 months and is now putting his knees under himself and getting to an almost crawling position. He can pretty much get anywhere he wants through other means of transportation that he has figured out.
He eats more than any other baby in history!
I can not keep up with him.
But, yet he is small, which could only mean that he is so wiggly he is burning off all the calories as fast as he takes them in. (I totally buy that)
Six months is a very fun age for Jay. He is much happier (maybe because I give him all the food he wants...which is an insane amount).
He sits up and plays with toys and I love to see the boys playing favorite!
Tysen tries to console Jayden by playing his "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on his guitar and them saying, "It's ok Jay, Tysens' here." (when Mommy is obviously taking to long to pick him up)
We will see Jay's Cardiologist in another month and we will have an update on Jay's heart.
Tysen is do for scans soon as well...hopefully all is well.
We had our Family Home Evening and we went to the park as part of our activity. It was super fun and I was able to do my favorite thing besides hang out with my family...Take Pictures!
And some cute ones at that!

Ty loves FHE so much. He always conducts and get up front and tells us who is going to lead the song and say the prayer (he usually picks himself).

I love to see him enjoying learning about the gospel. I can't believe the information that boy retains. FHE is so much funner with a funny two year old around.