Friday, November 14, 2008

I Don't Wanna!!!

.....So school is where my head should be at right now. I started my homework (A Book Review) and then I simply got tired of writing it and stopped to Blog. I need a break! School is so consuming...especially these online classes. They think they can give you more work just because you don't drive to the school. I am constantly trying to squeeze in the rest of my life around school and I'm simply tired and STRESSED. I know I will continue to go to school and I know that I will continue to complain but,I really enjoy learning...its when everything is due at the same time that I just feel like screaming and curling up into a ball in the corner of my dark closet. (yes, I have done this before...ask Dan)

Dan gave me a blessing though and Heavenly Father assured me that if I would just pray to him and ask for help, then he would provide a way for me to complete ALL of my work. It is hard, when I am overwhelmed, to STOP and think to get down on my knees right there and then. I always seem to wait till after I BLOW UP to reach out to my Heavenly Father. After the blessing I realized that when my heart starts pumping in a worried frenzy and my head begins to ache... I need to get down and thank my Heavenly Father for all I have. That alone makes me feel like I am able to relax and finish the work that is in front of me. I know that the major message that he sends me most of the time is thing at a time! I like to change my focus a lot and it helps a lot more when I can finish one thing and then move onto the next. Another thing that I have learned is that I need a brake every once in a while during the day...taking a 10 min. brake just to tickle my little boy, seriously, juices me up for the next 5 hours that I might have to spend working on homework.

I guess I'm not really trying to make a point...I'm just taking one of my 10 min. brakes and juicing up again. I just want to complain and write down what I am feeling so that I can realize that it really isn't that bad. I have a lot more free time then a lot of moms with 5 kids and I GET to go to school! That is a blessing!
OK, I'm going to go play with my little munchkin (because he has been sitting in his highchair for, you don't want to know how long) and then I will get back to work and feel much better once my assignment is finished.

By the way, have any of you read this book (Snow Falling on Cedars)...just thought I would ask. If so, please indulge me with your opinion on it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tysen is Turning One Already!?!?!

Our Big Boy is almost one! I don't mean to make this a Tysen Blog but these pictures were just too good to pass up. My photographer sister (Melissa Jewel) took these pictures for his Birthday Announcement. They are hilarious!
And can you believe...he didn't even throw up!!! He was pretty wired though. Ya, I wouldn't recommend letting your 11 month old eat a whole cake right before bed.

Stuffing his Face

Never come between me and cake!
Angel..I'm innocent!

This is FUN!!

Just really really cute!

Yay!! Happy Birthday to me!


First Teethies

He is not only getting his first tooth--he is getting two first teethies! Here is a clear shot of the stubborn things that have been causing us all those wonderful late nights. Finally they broke through and they are here. Now the bottom ones are coming...yay...(no enthusiasm whatsoever).