Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Can Hold my Bottle!!!

Not only can I hold my bottle all by myself now, but I can hold it one handed...I am a Rock Star!

I still need a little practice sometimes...Sometimes I think I so good and then something like this happens

This is how I hold it with two hands...two hands is sooo easy!

And this is me all milk-faced after a good feeding...This is what a good day looks like for me!

My First Baseball Game...GO ANGELS!!

This was my First Baseball game. We saw the Angels play the Braves for the opening game. It was so cool! They even had fireworks in the beginning and at the end!

We went to the game with my Uncle Darin and Aunt Kari and my two other cousins Jace and Cade.

My Mom and Dad and Dad got me this awesome beenie to wear. It had funny little ties that stood up.. I loved it! And I sure looked cute in it~

I Loved watching the game with Daddy! Just the Boys!

This is a good shot of me infront of Home Base! We had really great seats!

I love going places with my family...It is way funner when we are all there to enjoy it and to enjoy eachothers company!

When is the next game!?!?!

Funny Pictures!

I can already fold my arms and
I'm only four months old. My
Mom and Dad caught me folding my
arms while dringking my bottle
...Hey it was comfortable!

I begged my mom not to put this picture up!
My Mom said that my hair was just so long and
crazy that she stuck it in a ponytail...then I
looked too much like a girl so she took it out.
This is one of those pictures that I am going to
hate looking at when I get older...But, I'm sure
my Mom will love to show it.

Me & Grandma

These are some pictures of me and my Grandma Carlson. We have so much fun together! I love to cuddle with her and I love when she talks to me...She always knows how to make me smile!

This is me and Grandma..along with my other cousins that were born in 2007. That is alot of BABIES!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Easter Sunday!

On Easter Sunday I woke up and the Easter Bunny had come and filled my Tonka Truck Easter basket with onesies, socks, binkies, and P.J's. There was also candy in my basket which I didnt understand seeing as I only like milk...But my parents were sure excited about the candy...hmmm?

I chowed down on my chocolate easter bunny...well I chowed down on the tasted better anyways.

This is a picture of all the goodies I got in my Easter Basket..I even got a bottle scrub brush!

Later we got ready to go to church..This is me in my snazzy Easter outfit! I know I look good! At Church my mom gave a talk in sacrament...she was really nervous but I thought she did great..I didnt even cry that much becasue I knew that Dad wanted to listen to the talk. Also Grandma Carlson, Carie and Gavin suprised my mom by showing up to hear her give her talk...It made my mom feel better.

After Church we went over to Auntie Shelley's house and had yet ANOTHER Easter egg hunt! The missionaries came over and helped the easter bunny hide the eggs in the feild. I was sleeping during this easter egg hunt...I was pooped from the first two egg hunts.

All in all it was the best first Easter I could ask for!

Easter Saturday!

The Saturday before Easter we went to the park in the morning and had an Easter egg hunt! And can you believe...the Easter Bunny showed up! I actually met the Easter Bunny at only four months old...WOW~

Then after the park we went to Grandma Phelp's house for the annual Easter egg hunt. I got lots of cool stuff like a toy car, a duckie and this cool book!

This is a picture of Grandma Phelps and me. She really likes to hold me and I love when she does!


I Love to cuddle my Daddy! Mom and Dad say I am a really good cuddler now! Daddy is my buddy...He knows just the right things to do to make me feel better! I Love my Daddy!

I Look Like My Daddy!!

My Grandma Carlson found some old, old, old pictures of my Dad that look exactly like I do now! So I am a lucky boy to be able to look like my Dad.

See if you can tell which ones are me and which ones are my Dad.

P.S. I'm Kicking really good now! This is my deadly karate chop kick.....Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii YAAAAAAA!!