Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Family Home Evening was the perfect time for us to go.
I planned on going back in the day light to get pumpkin patch pictures of the kids in thier costumes but that never happened. I had a feeling it might not happen because it has been so busy latley so I am so glad we decided to go for FHE!
Ty got to ride the swing, go down the slide with Daddy, and pet all the animals in the petting zoo. Jayden was a great onlooker. He just liked being outside.

Family Time is the BEST!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

100 Things I Love About You!

October 15th was our 5 year anniversay!
I dedicate this post to my loving Hubby!

1. I love the way you hold my hand every time we drive in the car together
2. The way you make me feel better by saying "your cute" when you really mean "you don't know what you are talking about"
3. I love that you still pinch my cheeks (maybe more so now then ever)
4. I love that you are such a compassionate person
5. That you would drop anything to help family
6. When you sing the wrong words to the song...and you know they are wrong but you still belt them out anyways.
7. When you turn the music up and dance with the boys
8. When you think something is so cool "like the air show" and you turn into a 8 year old kid
9. That you are such a great provider and hard worker.
10. I love that you are so devoted to me and the boys
11. I love that you like cheesy 80 songs
12. I love that you know how to cry like a real man :-)...you don't do it often but when it is necessary you'll show emotion.
13. I love that you are a genius at everything...(EVERYTHING..there is nothing the man CAN'T do!)
14. I love that you think I am so talented
15. I love the way you see me
16. The way you just smile when I want to be stubborn
17. I love that I can walk into a room and feel like the most beautiful women in the world being on your arm
18. I love that you let me call you BOO BOO BOO_BOO BEAR!
19. That you won't spend a cent on yourself...You are so selfless
20. That you can't get enough of your family
21. I love that you say "TMO" and you think it mean "TMI (too much info)"
22. I love that you say gym-mastics ;-)
23. When you turn into a major sports fanatic when the Lakers play...yelling and screaming at the T.V.
24. I love that no one would ever believe that you yell and scream at the T.V. because they think you are too much of a "good guy" to eve raise your voice (because you really are..but Lakers are an exception)
25. I love that you try so hard not to bring your stress home.
26. I love that you love to help me cook and do dishes.
27. I love that you call me your girlfriend
28. I love that you wont go to bed angry
29. I love that every time we talk you tell me you love me
30. That you make me laugh all the time
31. When you look at me for a long time before telling me how beautiful I am
32. That you tell Tysen he has his Mommy's beautiful eyes.
33. That the boys look just like you
34. That you love to cuddle
35. That you love to have time just with me
36. That you stay strong when I crumble
37. I love that you have such an amazing testimony
38. I love that you are so devoted to the Lord
39. I love that you still want me to call you whenever I get from point A to point B....just to make sure I am safe
40. That you will watch chick flicks with me
41. I love that when I eat too much junk food...you take care of me
42. I love that you never say anything when the house is messy...but you will compliment me when the house is spick and span
43. I love that you can not hide your emotions...they are always written all over your face.
44. I love that you believe in me....when I don't believe in myself
45. I love that you spoil me..even though you go way overboard sometimes
46. I love that I can make you feel better after a long day
47. I love your smile (always have, always will)
48. I love how goofy you are around me
49. How You are quick to forgive
50. How you gag when you feed the baby his baby food because you think it is nasty.
51. How you gag when you see any kind of pork products...it sends me into tears every time because I am laughing so hard.
52. I love that you over exaggerate (sometimes)
53. I love when we watch medical mystery shows and you get really freaked out that you have that exact same medical mystery.
54. I love that you always drive
55. I love that you can tell something is bothering me without me telling you
56. I love that you get me flowers when I tell you not too
57. How you kiss my hand on occasion....and I don't think you know that you do it.
58. I love that you want more children, even after what our other two have been through
59. I love that you support me
60. That you write your "letters" to those businesses that try and cheat you...and that you get free stuff because of it.
61. I love you patients
62. I love that you have the kindness and wisdom of your mother
63. I love that you can tell when I organize something and you compliment me
64. I love your testimony of the gospel
65. I love how much you LOVE gummy bears and gummy candy (enough to buy a five pound bag of it because it was a good deal)
66. I love that you call me in the middle of your work day to see how I am holding up...(because I know you have bigger problems at work than to worry about what is going on with me)
67. I love feeling protected by you
68. I love that you will get up in the middle of the night to double check the locked doors because your wife heard something.
69. I love that when I cry you will just hold me
70. I love how sincere you are (and that everyone sees it too)
71. I even love that my family loves you more than they love me ;-)
72. I love that you will sing karaoke with me (and I know you really love it too)
73. I love the way the boys get so excited to see you when you get home
74. I love that when we do on dates I still feel like we are dating.
75. I love that you make me better
76. I love that I cry if you are gone for even a day
77. I love that your ego comes out a little when you know that you have done a good job on something
78. I love that you are always right...(except with me , I am usually the right one between us)
79. I love that you challenge me
80. I love that you say I look amazing after just having a baby. (smart move)
81. I love that you love the outdoors
82. I love that you never forget me ....you always make sure I am right by your side
83. How you love your soft serve ice cream...and how on the cruise you were in heaven because the ice cream was on 24/7.
84. I love that you love surprises and you love to surprise me.
85. I love that you will put up with my crazy ideas
86. That you will be brutally honest with me when it is absolutely necessary.
87. forget your shoes sometimes (don't know how but it happens)
88. I love knowing that our boys will grow up to be great men because you are their father.
89. I love that you need a vacation every year...( I love our vacations)
90. I love that we laugh so hard sometimes for no apparent reason.
91. And how you will hold me all night even if your arm falls asleep
92. I love you endurance
93. I love that you are an open book
94. And how you don't hide anything from me
95. I love that you keep our relationship "issues" just between us
96. I love that my eternity will be with you
97. I love that we have a song together and that when it comes on the radio we both belt it out.
98. I love that if we wanted to we could still talk to each other until 3 in the morning.
99. I love that family comes first for you
100. I love you for exactly who you are and that love has only gotten stronger and stronger through the years and will only continue to get stronger.

There is so much more I love about you...but I will save it for next year :-)
Happy 5th Anniversary Babe!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The "Second Child" Theory

The "Second Child" Theory is that the second child born (or a lot of time it is the middle child) is usually the one who might cause more trouble, be everywhere and get into everything, basically the trouble maker and/or the busy body in the family. I did not make this theory up. I have been told to prepare for this by many people. I really hate when people do that to me. I always just take people's "theories" with a grain of salt or I completely ignore them all together.
Jayden certainly has proved this theory to be accurate. He is all of these things and even as a baby I can tell he is going to be a handful! But, when trouble arrises all he has to do is flash that adorable smile (that, I swear, has magical powers) and for some reason he will be off the hook.
Jay just turned 8 months and he is already crawling, pulling up on furniture, cruising furniture, Oh and sitting up all by himself (from stomach to butt). He stands up in his crib and we now have to lower it for our 8 month old. Physically, he is crazy.
Emotionally, He is actually a happy baby most of the time unless he is HUNGRY!....then you better duck for cover!
We love him though!
Tysen is such a good brother. He might draw on his face, and push him over just for fun but, he loves to get him toys when he is upset and he loves to give him hugs and kissed. They will be in the back seat of the car laughing their heads off for no reason...it is so sweet to see them interact.