Monday, January 18, 2010

Sports Photo Shoot

Tysen and I went to the park with all of his different sports ball to take pictures for his new "big boy" room. It is sports themed and I wanted some cute framed pictures of him playing sports...HIS FAVORITE!

Now I just don't know which ones to pick.

Friday, January 15, 2010

All That Matters is...He Thinks He is Helping

I was cleaning out the pantry and It was one of those times that I was so focused, I blocked out all other sounds from my brain.
Tysen was in the kitchen with me but I did not notice the work that he was doing. He was very busy as well.
He opened the dish washer and decided to unload it. I caught him in the middle of putting away the silverware (yes, even the knives) in the silverware drawer. He knew exactly where those went. He just wasn't tall enough to sort them.
He took out the plates too. After opening several cupboards, I guess, he figured that the plates didn't belong in any of the cupboards that he had opened because he eventually put them on the dining room table.
Even though I had to put all of the dishes where they really belonged, it was so sweet to see all the effort he put into putting the dishes away in, what he thought, was the right spot.
(please let this be a permanent trait of his)
I couldn't ask for anymore.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2 year old Check Up!

Tysen, you are 2 already and doing great!
Aside from getting the flu like three times this season, You are healthy and very smart.

You do not have anymore physical therapy (because you were doing too well)

and your understanding for things has shot through the roof!

You weigh 29 pounds and stand 32 1/2 inches tall.

You are in the 50% for your age, even though people are constantly commenting on what a
BIG, solid boy you are.

You are such a healthy boy.

Being 2 has brought on some new and interesting attributes.

You now have a mean voice and a nice voice and you are learning when to use them.

You also have quite a temper and you like to FREAK OUT when you don't get your way.

There is also hitting and a little bit of scratching which usually leads to time out and then a sweet hug and kiss. (time out is a new 2 year old activity that we have now)

You test Mommy and Daddy to see how far you can go before you get into trouble.... you've tested this theory many times and yet it seems that you still need to test it over and over and over and over!

Aside from all the "normal" 2 year old behavior, you have become quite the talker! You like to talk a lot and you come up with new words everyday. You surprise Mommy and Daddy with how much you understand.

You can count to twenty (with the exception of 3 numbers)

And you are very interested in your alphabet.
You like to ask everyone "How Do'in?"
and you like to ask "What time is it?" every five seconds.
You LOVE to be around people! You love to say "hi" and "bye" to everyone in the store...which usually starts up a conversation, which makes every shopping trip take about double the time it should.
You have an amazing memory!
After meeting someone once, you will always remember their name and you will make sure to call them by their name.

You have memorized the words to many songs.

When we drive somewhere familiar you always tell Mommy where she is going.

And, because you have an OBSESSION with climbing stairs, you seem to always remember the places that have stairs.
(the stair obsession is getting to be a bit much)

You are a very sweet boy. You love to ask for "suggles" from Mommy and Daddy. You say your own prayers and you make sure Mommy and Daddy are both present before you say them. You hug and kiss Mommy and Daddy randomly (my favorite).

And if anyone around you is emotional you make sure to ask if they are "ok?" and then you get emotional too.

You love to say "bless you" when ever anyone sneezes.
Tysen you get funner and funner to watch grow. You sure are more of a handful now and you can really bring down the house when you are mad, but you also bring a lot of joy and love to our world. You are a happy, outgoing, emotional (cry at the drop of a hat... like Mommy), loving 2 year old boy!
We really are lucky!