Friday, October 31, 2008

OH NO!!! What Have We Done?

Tysen is an eating machine! Daddy was just sitting there talking to Mommy when Ty decided to swoop in and attack Daddy's ice cream.
When asked why he did it, he simply smiled really big....and that was the end of it because we can't resist that smile.

Serioulsy, what have we done?! He is not even one yet and Ty is having a ball playing daddy's X-Box with his cousin Hailey. That's it! No more electronics....(except for Mommy's computer- :-) )

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grease Lightning!

You were right Alison... I couldn't wait to blog it! lol..So sad... I know. Anyways- Dan and I were Danny Zuko and (bad) Sandy for our ward trunk-or-treat. The costumes turned out soooo good. My hair looked better in real life though. I found my "hot pants" at Ross the day before and I seriously debated whether to wear them or not. The Trunk-or-Treat was fun. Ty was a ninja but we forgot our camera so that is why I had to have Alison send me a picture of us. Ty was too busy Trick-or-Treating with Auntie Ashley (who was a cute little lady bug). Ashley had a little girl come up to her and say ..."(Gasp) Your my favorite bug!....A LADYBUG!" It was so cute. We had fun...too bad we didn't take more pictures.

My First Pumpkin Patch!

This is my first halloween and we went to the pumpkin patch. Those pumpkins really freaked me out and I did not want to sit with them. I wanted my Mom and Dad to sit with I'm teething so I was in a little bit of a bad mood. Eventually, I warmed up to these pumpkin things and I really like banging on them like drums. It was really fun and I even found a little pumpkin for myself.
This is me hugging the pumpkin
I was clapping because everyone else was clapping at me to look at the camera

Here I am in my cool Ninja outfit with my little pumpkin

I like the pumpkin patch

This was when they left me with the scary pumpkins.

First Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch this week and it was Ty-man's first pumpkin experience. Needless to say he didn't really like the pumpkins that much. I really think they freaked him But he warmed up to them and we had so much fun! My sister Melissa Jewel is an awesome photographer. You can see her blog and website on my links. She came with us and snapped some cute shots of us having a good time!
I know there are a lot of pics but come was his FIRST pumpkin patch and he is our first! GIVE ME A BRAKE!

Ty and Daddy and ghosts...Ty is driving!

He was pooped! It looks like he is sleeping We put him like this for some of the shots and his feet kept slipping.
I love this picture!

He is a Ninja (thanks to Sarah and her Halloween collection)

Have you hugged a pumpkin today?

So sweet...those eyes!

He loves to clap! YAY!

Our family Photo

We sat him down with the pumpkins and he freaked...but the picture came out so cute! I love that "cry face"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Standing on the Corner...Yes on Prop 8

Tonight Dan and I went to help the fight for prop 8. We went to the corner of Winchester and Murrieta Hot Springs and held "Yes on Prop 8" signs. We got a few flip offs, a few mouth offs, and one "F' bomb. But, for the most part we got a lot of honks, smiles and thumbs ups.

A lot of us were kind of scared to stand on the corner (cough* Tracy and Jenn* cough) but, in the end we all had such a good experience that we wanted to stay longer. We even had some people ask what the "yes" was for. I think we got a lot of people to really consider voting "YES!"

Most of their faces are covered with the boards...Don't know what happened there.
Is it sad that the main reason we took a picture is so we could have something to blog?

I've Been Tagged!

This is a picture of my little Bro on his mission in Montana. As you can see he is a risk taker! He is trying to preach the word to the Catholic Church. He went right to the source. lol! What a funny kid.
Now, I am tagging:
The deal is that you have to go to your files and post the fouth picture in the fourth file and explain it. Then tag four more people. Good luck!

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Presidential Candidate... It's someone we know!


There's an effort to elect an unknown random person as President... and it's someone we know! See this news website about the surprising new nominee:

Jot back a note to let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes...I'm Bragging

Yesterday was our actual 3 year anniversary and my sweet husband sent me three dozen roses for the three years we have been married. Then today I got the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries that came to my door. He also bought me a full message on our trip! I am soooo spoiled!

Messier and Cuter at the Same Time

Our sweet baby boy is 10 1/2 months already! He will be a year at the end of next month and I don't know how to take it. Ty doesn't have teeth yet, but he sure thinks that he does. He eats table food pretty well (he gums it to death). He is getting so big and everything he does is messier than before, but somehow cuter. He had raviolis last night and most of them where in his diaper..(HOW THE???) I think the food tastes better when it's messier.

Ty also got his hair cut yesterday...It looks so cute with his Ninja costume for Halloween


So I think I started these curtains like in the beginningof last year and I finally finished them! My sis Shelley helped me a lot because before this I had no idea how to sew. She showed me how to read a pattern, work a sewing machine and put pretty curtains together like these. There were many complications that held me back from finishing. We ran out of material and it took forever to order more, we didn't have time to work on them, and I got prego in the middle of construction. Now, they are finished and I am very proud of my little curtains! They look way better in person, by the way.

MEXICO...10 dolla...ok 5 dolla...ok ok 50 cent!

For our third anniversary we took a cruise! I am deathly afraid of drowning and being in the water with fish, so I was a bit FREAKED! But, I played it cool and tried to rely on Heavenly Father to protect me from the fish.

Day 1:

We sailed the sea and got used to the boat. Poor Dan got a little queasy and we laid low for a little while. The ship had food galore (I must have gained like 10 pounds... no joke).
Day 2: Cabo!

We have more pics of Cabo but they are on our Underwater Camera and I have not developed that yet.

We ported in Cobo and went snorkeling. It was so pretty and we could swim right to the beach to hang out. The water was a little murky because there was a hurricane down the coast but there were still a lot of freaky fish. It took me a while to actually look down with the mask. Every little thing that touched me made me scream bloody murder. Dan was trying to play it cool by acting like he didn't know me..Lol. We walked around Cabo and looked at some shops, but it was soooooo HOT! Dan decided at the moment that Mexico was not his thing.

Day3: At Sea

We relaxed on the boat all day. It was fun because they always had something going on. There were shows, live bands, the pool, dancing, karaoke, and much more. Later that night we had a formal night and had fun seeing the improv show. The comedian was a HOOT!

Day 4: Ensenada

They had a tower of desserts going like 24/7. Here you see me eating like three desserts at a time...So Good!

I am a sucker for sweets. We also played BINGO before the hypnotist show (and lost).

Ok so I know that Ensenada is a dump,but we actually ended up having a lot of fun there. We took a tour around Ensenada and to the Blow Whole. There are only three huge Blow Wholes in the world and one of them is in Ensenada. It was really cool to see. Then we went down the street of shops and were bombarded by bartering Mexicans. (hence, the reason for my title). It was funny at first and then it got just plain annoying. We got really cool souvenirs for our family and headed back to the ship.

When the sun set over the water it was really amazing.

We had some more fun on the ship! They had a hypnotist show (Which was not convincing...but really funny) and we were presented with a Happy Anniversary dessert at dinner. We drank hot chocolate on the deck and watched the sun set (the ocean is a little freaky at night).

Say Goodbye:

We got to San Diego the next morning and I was jumping out of my seat because I was so anxious to see our little baby boy. (Yes, we are crazy for leaving him behind for 5 days) Thank you Grandma, Aunt Carie and Gavin for watching him while we were away. He had so much fun with you guys! It was so hard to leave him but I knew that he was is good hands.

All in all, it was an awesome vacation and we would definitely cruise again. I don't know about Mexico though. Next time we will probably try the Caribbean and we will definitely bring Tysen with us...It was too hard not to see him everyday.

I don't remember what night this was but I ate snail! I know really nasty! But I wanted to prove it to some people so here it is! Dan, of course would not even look at the stuff. The snail was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vote Yes on Prop 8!

Our family has a deep desire to do what we can to protect the marriage between a man and a woman. Proposition 8 is not only about being pro marriage but it is about our rights as citizens. As parents we will not have a say in what they teach our children in school. Our children will be taught about gay marriage in schools without regards to their morals. Marriage is a sacred issue to us and we are the ones who should teach our children according to the beliefs in our home, not according to what the world has accepted as being "normal".

My Sister in law said it best when she listed the terrifying consequences if this law should pass:

“1) Legalizing same sex marriage may force some charities and adoption agencies to close their doors unless they openly supported same sex marriage
2) Many churches would have to change the way they operate and would lose their tax-exempt status unless they perform same sex marriages
3) Public schools would have to teach same sex marriage in the classroom and same sex issues in sex educationIn fact children are already being taught that same sex marriage is acceptable. No government or entity has the right to indoctrinate my children in moral aspects that I don't agree with.”

We believe that our Heavenly Father has an immense love for all of his children. We know that he lives and that he sent his son to die for us upon the cross. We love Jesus Christ and we try so hard to exemplify his example….we are not perfect. We are in debt to him and we want to stand in faith for what is right. Our message today is to help us Save Marriage and Save our rights as citizens’. This vote will affect our world more than we know. If it goes the wrong way there will be more rights taken away than given. If we vote yes, then no right will be taken away from anyone.

Here are some links to check out:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby did a Bad Bad Thing!

Yesterday I found a pretty purple marker and I descide to suck it dry, but not before I colored all over myself. This is officially my first rebelious moment, and I loved every momnet of it, until they took it away. It was a non toxic marker so I'm ok and it came off really easily.

Here are a few mug shots of my parents catching me in the act.

I didn't do have no proof!