Friday, July 30, 2010


Ever since we bought the tickets in JUNE, we were telling Tysen that we were going to see a Wiggles concert, just like they showed on T.V.
He didn't get it at first; but, as the week of the concert rolled around and I made him a Wiggles shirt (iron on) and we started X-ing off the days on the calendar, he got more and more excited. Every night before bed we would mark another day off and he would say "When you wake up, you get to see the wiggles on THURSDAY!"
It really was the cutest thing ever to see him get so excited about something.
The day finally came and I think it really sunk in for him when I finally put his precious wiggles shirt on (it had been hanging up, eye level, to taunt him all week)
we drove all the way to San Diego to see the Wiggles.
We got there just in time (thanks to Dan's crazy, "we're gunna be late" driving) and got in our seats
(3 rows back from the stage!!!)
There was some music and talking at first from a "no name" guy that Tysen was not impressed by. He waited patiently and looked as though he knew something better was going to happen.
There they were! One by one and called out by name over the load speaker!
at this point Tysen was laughing, pointing and looking quite overwhelmed to see them coming out
(it was all too exciting)
MURRAY! (Murray is his favorite!)
Tysen's Laughter turned into TEARS!
He was a crazed fan!
& SAM!
(he is not so sure how he feels about Sam, being a replacement of Greg and all)
Crying returned to laughter and excitement.
(Insert classic video of Tysen crying/laughing here)

...and at this point Dan and I were rolling in our chairs holding our was a very classic moment for us.
They got on with the show
Tysen calmed down
Mommy sang all the songs.
These wiggles sure know how to keep you entertained. It was such a cool concert, I have to say. We were right up front with all the action!

They surprised everybody by coming out in the audience to greet people.
What nice Wiggles they are!

It was fun to see them come out into the audience but I swear each one of the Wiggles almost tripped over Tysen!
Tysen wanted to see Murray the most..Murray came right up and said hello!
(after that, I was sold on the Wiggles..I am considering becoming a Wiggles groupie)

They sang all the songs that were anticipated and danced the moves to go along.

Then they said good bye :-(

We will never forget you Wiggles concert...

Really, a Top Dollar Show!

The only problem is, Tysen thinks we are going every Thursday

Monday, July 26, 2010


I can't believe this is the first time we got to the beach this summer and summer is nearly OVER!
I guess the point is, we got to the beach as least once this summer.
This was Jayden's first beach day....we got his first "feet in the sand" picture.

We decided late that we wanted to head down to the beach. We left the house by 11:30
Drove to Oceanside behind very slow trucks.

Got to Oceanside hungry. So we walked down the 10 mile long pier and ate a Ruby's (who had run out of ice cream)
Then by 3:30 (don't ask me how the time passed so fast) we made it to the sand and set up to stay for the rest of the day.

Even though it was a late start, we were all very laid back and were in no rush. It felt good to have no real plans and to just go with the flow. We were hoping to get a fire pit (who were we kidding) they were completely taken up by end of summer high school hooligans (which is fine because it turned out that the kids did not last that long anyways)

We got in the freezing water.
Built a sand castle.
Found Sand Crabs.
Tysen ate sand.
We buried Tysen in the sand.

Mission "beach day" accomplished!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wild Rivers

Have you ever just thought "something's gotta give"?
I was just getting the feeling that we were doing too much; we were all high strung and needed a brake.
Wild Rivers was our "Quick Fix".
We reserved a private cabana to chill out in when we got tired (it was sooo worth it!)
We left our stuff in the cabana while we explored the very fun water rides.
Ty's favorite was this big blue slide.
He would not get off the thing!

Our cabana was right next to the kiddie playground (so if Mamma had to stop and feed baby, Daddy could take Ty to play)
His second favorite place to play.

We also loved to lounge in the river pool. Just sitting in our tubes and floating (so nice)

until, Tysen decides to try to swim against the tide and starts floating away (not nice!)

Thus, the life jacket on him in the next photo.

Needless to say, it was exactly the care free day that we all needed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Building With Daddy

We were walking out of Lowes and noticed that they were giving kids a building project. So, we grabbed one, gave Ty a hammer (took away the hammer) and got to work.

That face has trouble written all over it...(doesn't help that we gave him a hammer to go along with his mischievous face)
Tysen hammering away. Daddy got scared a few times by the way Tysen would swing his arm all the way back and just start pounding on the wood as fast as he could. It was very finny to watch though.
All done! We made a ball catcher game thingy.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

First Fourth, Third Fourth

This year is Jay's First 4th and it is Ty's third 4th of July. Grandma Whitman came down from Utah to join us in celebration and to meet Jayden. We had a blast having so much family in town. Since the 4th was Sunday we did most everything on Saturday the 3rd...but we called it the 4th :-)
We walked to the ward breakfast. They had funnel cake...sooo good! I really really love our ward so it was really awesome to just mingle and have a few laughs with some awesome people. Then we had EVERYONE over for swimming and BBQ. (no pictures because everything was at my house so I was a little busy.)
Finally, when it got dark, we went to see the fireworks at Pachanga Casino (which were not great...Tysen was out cold anyway). We got our firework fix though and felt no need to see more.

On Sunday (the real 4th) We had some more family come over to make patriotic sugar cookies and have taco soup. We opted for watching fireworks on t.v. (which were much better than the ones we saw in person...the base from the t.v. was better than what we got at the live ones). It was actually a nice and relaxing day.


We went to Knott's while my sister was down and I took Ty on the Log Ride! His very first big ride! Poor guy didn't know what he was in for when I told him we were going on the BIG ride. He just assumes bigger means better. He was all for it and ready to go with Mommy on the ride. I told him before we dropped that I was going to put his hands up and he said "ok!" I did! When I saw his face in the picture I was laughing so hard but I felt so bad for putting his hands up. He didn't scream (He was probably in too much shock) and when we were done he enthusiastically put his hands up and said "I DID IT". Then after the ride I asked him if he wanted to ride it again and he said "ya!" and I asked him what he was thinking about and he said "I'm thinking about I was berry scarred on the log ride" (yes, he really speaks in full sentences like that). But, he went on it two more times and loved it!
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fireman...Like Uncle John

Heather (my sister) came down from Iowa and spent 2weeks with us. I hadn't seen her in three years and she had never met Tysen. So, it was oober exciting for us. We took the kids to the forestation that Uncle John works at and played around in the fire engine. Of course I had my camera and caught some cute little moments. As Tysen puts it "Fire engines are AWETHOME!"
They were fighting over the headphone things and over who gets to drive the wheel. But they loved every minute.
Thanks Uncle John!!