Monday, February 23, 2009

LATE Valentine's Day!

On Valentines Day, Dan and I were in Arizona visiting my brother and his family. So other than a Sees candy box (that I took with me on the way to Arizona and completely consumed...sooo ashamed) we didn't have much of a Valentines Date.

So this weekend my sister took Tysen over night and Dan and I decided to hang out at Dave and Busters at the Ontario Mills. It felt like we were dating again. It was so fun to play against him (and whoop his butt) on all the arcade games. Ok MAYBE he beat me at basketball...but I soooooo won (the first round) of The Fast and Furious car racing one.
I am so addicted to the spinning games where you have to push the button to make the little light land exactly on 1000 tickets. The first one I played I got it right on a thousand and right off the bat I was feeling LUCKY! Dan says I would be a terrible gambler..that's why he wont give me a quarter when we stop in Vegas (he knows its not for the gumball machine). I guess I can get kind of crazy...I almost used all my tokens on those stupid spinning games.

For dinner Dan took me to Benihana (never been before) and it was sooooo yummy and it was fun having them cook right in front of you. I fell in love with California yummy! We had so much fun!

Hunny you are more fun than I thought you would be after three years of
I love you! Thank you for giving me so much LOVE! ( I'm a love hog!)
You really are everything to me ... I couldn't be with out you! That is why I think I should die first when we get older! Ha ha!