Friday, February 29, 2008

So Sleepy

My mom put me in the swing today and I must have been real tired because I fell deep deep asleep! My mom wanted to put this picture up here because she says that I am sooooo Cute!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here is a little video of me playing with my toy that Grandma Carlson got me for Christmas! This was taken after I got home from the Children's Hospital, you can even see my stiches.

Meeting my Big Sis!!

We picked up my big sister from Aunt Shelley and Uncle John's house on Sunday! I met her before but I was only just born. Aunt Shelley took care of her when I was in the hospital for surgery. She kept her for a while so Mommy, Daddy and I could adjust to our new life together. Anyways, Roxy got to play with her cousin jake a lot...He is Aunt Shelley and Uncle John's dog. So today Mommy let Roxy come in the house. I can already tell that Roxy loves me because whenever I cry she is really concerned about me. She always wants to lay next to me and she trys to lick me but mommy wont let her, even though I think it is funny. Mom said that when I was taking a nap she heard something in my room, so she went to go check and it was Roxy laying next to my crib...I think she was being my guard dog! I think we will have so much fun together when I get older and I am able to play with her.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Independance!!

My Mommy and Daddy left me with a babysitter for the first time today! Since I have been born they have not left me with anyone else but them. They let my Auntie Shelley babysit me today because my parents babysat thier kids on Friday night. So Aunti Shelley said that she would watch me while my Mom and Dad went to a movie and to get something to eat.
I had lots of fun with my Auntie and cousins. My cousin Audrey read me books and I was laughing with Laura because she was being very silly. My Auntie Shelley said that I did really good and that I went to sleep when I was suppose to. I woke up, though and she had to rock me for a while...I guess I missed my Mom and Dad. But, soon they came and got me and Dad said that Mommy missed me so much that she cried...she took it harder than I did. Now we are back home and it is my bed time so goodnight!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My 1st Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was my first Valentines Day! Mommy was my Valentine! Daddy and I got Mommy really pretty roses in a polka dot vase that she liked a lot. We also got her chocolates and Daddy got me a teddy bear. We went out to dinner; well, Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner...I slep in my car seat and drank my bottle. We had a lot of fun!

My Auntie Veronica got me this cool Valentines outfit and I know that I looked GOOD!!

Thanks Aunti -V

First Shots!

I got my first shots at the Doctor's office on February 1st 2008. It must have hurt really bad because my Mom said I screamed like I had never screamed before. I got two shots, one in each leg. The doctors wanted to give me four shots but my Mom would only let them give me two. But, the pain was short lived because my mom said that soon after I was happy and smiiling again. Although my legs were soar for a while after.

My Baby Smiled!

My Baby Smiled

Today my baby looked at me and smiled!
Not the kind of smile that is an accident
But the kind that brightens up his whole face
The kind where he looks me straight in the eyes!


Today I’m going to love my husband like there is no tomorrow!
I’m gunna kiss and hug him, (even after he’s had enough)
I’m not just going to tell him how much I care I’m going to show him!
Because Today is a good day!

Today I’m going to go on a walk
I want to appreciate God’s creations!
I going to have a grateful prayer in my heart
I’m going to show it all to my son

Today I’m going to feel great about myself
When I look in the mirror, I’m going to see a beautiful mom and wife
I’m going to see a beautiful woman!
I’m going to get dressed up, because I know I look HOT!

Today I’m not going to hold myself back.
I’m going to be confident.
I’m going to keep in mind all of my blessings
I’m going to serve the lord!

Today I’m not going to hide my testimony.
I’m going to share it with someone…one way or another
I’m going to be the best person I can be
I’m going to follow Christ’s example, so I can be an example to someone else.

Why do I feel so motivated??


Today my baby looked at me and smiled……

That gives me all the motivation in the world!

Love, Mommy

Love Is...

Love Is…

Love isn’t just some word to over use
Love isn’t just a red colored heart
Love isn’t a feeling to lose
Love is a new start!

Love isn’t just an ending to a letter
Or a game to play in your spare time
Love deserves better
Love’s purpose is divine

Love is faith; not fear
It acts as a testament of peace
Take the time to savor, take the time to hear
Love was designed to never cease

For me, Love is my husband endearing smile
It’s the look my son gives me when he wakes up
It’s the little things that make it all worthwhile
Each day Love filleth my cup

Love is the feeling I get in that helpless hour
When I’m on my knees pleading
Love is my husband’s priesthood power
Love is my family and friends succeeding

Love is, knowing that I am a child of God
It is, knowing that he is watching over my life
Love is my Heavenly father at the end of the iron rod
And that I’ve made it to him through all the strife.

That is True, True Love!

Love, Mommy


I was blessed on Sunday February 10th 2008 at 10:30 in the morning. Lots of my family and friends came to see me be blessed by my Dad who, I am proud to say, holds the preisthood. I'm so happy that I was able to be blessed into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After the blessing we all went back to my house and had enchiladas that my parents made and rice and beans. We also had lots of fun desserts made by Grandma Kathy! YUMMY! Of course, I prefer my bottle! It was a wonderful day. My Mom said that the spirit was so strong in sacrament meeting. My Dad gave his testimony after he blessed me and my Mom said it was so beautiful and that my Dad really has a strong testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ!

Also, my Auntie Becca made me a really beautiful blessing outfit; with a bow tie and all! She even embroidered my name and birthday on the back leg of my outfit! Thank you Aunt Becca!! I love you!

My Blessing Video

My Mommy made this video for me on my Blessing Day.

I got my stiches out!!

I got my stiches out of my head on January 23 2008! I had about 15 stiches on my head and I had some on my tummy but they were desolvible. I cried a lot because they were holding me down while they took the stiches out and I do not like to be held down. It didn't hurt though when they took the stiches out. Now my scar is healing really good!

Go Lakers!!!

I'm a Survivor!!!

On New Years Eve, my Mom and Dad noticed that I had a bump on my bum. It was marble size and very abnormal. So, they called the doctor and she said to take me to the urgent care. The urgent care then told my parents to take me to the ER at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. When I got in to see the doctor the doctor said that she was concerned about my weight and that I was too skinny; so, they admitted me into the hospital, not exactly for the bump on my bum but more so for my weight. After I was admitted the nurse and doctor took all my measurements and my head size was measuring too big for my body (or my height). The doctor said she was concerned and that they would perform a CT scan in the morning. So New Years day comes and I go to get my CT scan and shortly after, the doctors tell my parents that I have hydrocephalus, which is fluid in the or around the brain. They were not sure why I had this problem all they knew is that I needed to have surgery right away to have a shunt put in. A shunt is a valve that is placed in my head to regulate the fluid and it drains into my stomach through a catheter that is installed in my body as well. My parents were very nervous for me. I was only about a month old and I was gong in for surgery. My Mom and Dad said that I did great and that I didn't even know what was going on. They said that I took the news better than they Anyways, to prepare for the surgery my Mom and Dad could not feed me after midnight the night before my surgery. It was really hard for them to not be able to feed me but they said I did so well that I never seemed hungry. They said I slept through the night and through the morning until my surgery. My Mom knows that Heavenly Father was with me because the spirit told her that he would take care of me.

My Grandma Carlson, My Auntie Carie and my cousin Gavin were all there for me before and after my surgery! My Auntie Shelley and my Uncle John were there as well and it really made me feel good to have them there, but I know that it especially helped my Mom and Dad to have some support as they waited for me to go into surgery and come out of surgery. I also had lots of family at home waiting to hear that I was ok.

I went into surgery at about 10:00am on January 3rd 2008. It took the surgeons about an hour and a half to complete my surgery and to admit me back into my room after recovery. My Mom and Dad came to see me in the recovery room and they held my hand. I was still very groggy from the anesthetic. But they said that I looked like a different baby. As the nurse wheeled me back into my room, my uncle John said that he saw a light shinning on me and I just looked so much healthier and full of life. My Mom and Dad saw it too and everyone knew that Heavenly Father had been with me and the surgeons while I had my operation. He was also with all of my family because they all said that a feeling of peace came over them right before I went in for surgery and that feeling never left them in the hospital after that. My Mom said that the spirit told her that I was going to be ok after the surgery and that I would be a healthy boy!

And I am a healthy boy so far! I am now almost three months old and I weigh about 14 lbs and I have been doing really well since I’ve been home! My parents say that they are so thankful for the gospel and that Holy Ghost because it was what go us through this. I'm really glad that I'm ok and that I get to grow up and be healthy and strong. My Mom and Dad say that I am a really strong boy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My First Christmas!!

I had my first Christmas in 2007! We went and got a tree at Walmart and decorated really colorful! And we made candy to give to the neighbors. Also, we played the part as Mary, Joseph and I was the baby Jesus in the Nativity Scene.

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Phelps' house for Christmas Eve and Santa Clause came. My Mom and Dad dressed me up in a Santa suit and everyone thought I was so adorable. My Grandpa Phelps even got to hold me!

Then, on Christmas we woke up early and there were lots of presents under the tree! I got a glow bear, teething rings, a rattle, and a horse toy that vibrates when you pull it down. We took a picture infront of my first Christmas Tree! It was the best first Christmas ever!

Parent's Letter

This is a letter my Parents wrote to me before I was born:


We want you to know how important the gospel of Jesus Christ is to us. It leads us everyday and it is the center of our love and our home. Your Father and I are very much in love and we thank our Heavenly Father for bringing us together. We are grateful for you and the fun and life you have already brought to our family. This Church is the true church and Joseph Smith was a true prophet who restored the fullness of the Gospel in these latter days. We know that through love, charity and kindness we can live with our Father in Heaven again. Your Uncle Steven is serving a mission for the lord right now in Montanna and we know that he is doing the work of the lord. He will be a great example to you as well as all of your other Aunts and Uncles- for they are all very good people! You are coming into a HUGE family and your Father and I are very close with all of them because of the Gospel and because Heavenly Father has blessed us to be.

We love you Ty and we can't wait to meet you in four more months!

P.S. Daddy says that Mommy has the cutest cheeks! He hopes that you have pinchable cheeks like Mommy!

We love you dis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------much...(if not more)

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Tysen Scott Carlson

Well my mom decided to create this journal for me so that I can look back on it and remember all the things that happened in my life! So, I guess I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Tysen Scott Carlson. My parents found out they were pregnant with me around March 20th 2007 after almost two years of being married. They were shocked but, very excited and quickly began planning out the pregnancy. They decided that my name was going to be Tysen almost right away! My Mom likes to call me Ty and my Dad likes to call me Tysen. My middle name came from my Uncle Scott Whitman on my mom's side. He is my mom's oldest brother and I have not met him yet but I'm sure that I would love to hang out with him...cuz he does computers like my Dad! Mom and Dad got pregnant with me right in the middle of building a pool in the backyard. Mommy says that Daddy did most of the work himself and that Heavenly Father has blessed him with so much strength and talent! And when it was finished, Mommy went swimming a lot with me in her tummy for excersise. Mommy and Daddy also liked to listen and dance to music while I was in the tummy....that was fun!

Mommy said she first felt me kick on June 26th 2007 and I woke her up from a nap when I did it! The doctor said I was an active boy! Mommy and Daddy said that they think I will be a good soccer player because I seemed to kick around Mommy's bladder like a soccer ball! Mom said I aslo liked to kick her ribs and hips at the same time. Sorry Mommy! Daddy did a cool job on my room! It has lots of boats and cool, bold colors that I love to look at! the colors are navy, white and red. I'm so lucky to have all that I have!

So, Mommy started to go into labor on the 24th of November at 8:00am and my due date was the 25th. Mom and Dad did lots of things that day, like put up christmas lights and clean the house. They even went on a walk and after that I started coming a lot faster. Shortly after, my Dad took my Mom to the hospital because her contractions were very close together. When they got there my mom was 3cm dialated and she wanted drugs! After my mom got the pain killers, it seemed to be smooth sailing from there, until the doctors came in and said that Mom might have to have a c-section because I was not coming down far enough...Hey it's hard work in there...give me a brake! Anyways, After an hour the doctor checked Mom again and said she was fully dialated but I was still up too far so they started putting Mommy in different positions to help me move faster. Mom says she started feeling me move down very fast after that and then it was time to push. After about 12 hours of labor in the hospital and 40 minutes of pushing I was born in the trusty hands of Dr. Bianchi at Fallbrook Hospital. I was born at 10:06 am on November 25, 2007 (which was my due date). Daddy told Mommy that I would be born on my due date, but Mommy thought I would be late. Anyways, I was 7lbs. 2oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. My eyes were blue and my hair was a dark brown when I was born. I was so excited to finally meet my parents and they were very excited to meet me!