Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Posts but tuns of fun!

I haven't been posting this summer very much because we have been having so much fun that I
don't have time to blog. Things have settled down now, but we also got a new computer and my handy husband has not loaded photoshop onto it yet. I need to edit lots of pictures before I post them...Hawaii pictures and fourth of July are soon to come.
I will post our baseball game pictures though. We went to an angels game on July 3rd and we got to see fireworks early. Tysen loved the game because it was loud and happen'in. He was having so much fun just clapping and dancing to all the music. He fell asleep during the fireworks ..of course...and our Angel's lost this game :-(

Tysen with a hot dog mustard face...He had to experience a ballpark hot dog.

Mommy and Ty...He is too busy cheering to pay attention to the camera. He doesn't really know what he is cheering for just going with the flow.

Best attempt at a family picture.

Daddy and Ty Ty sporting Angel's gear.