Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Pathetic!

Is it pathetic that the only thing lately that motivated me to pick up my house is that someone was coming over?

The ironic part is that they ended up not coming over. But, now my house is somewhat clean! That is a plus.

And is it pathetic that I don't think my house ever looks clean because my carpets are too dirty. Some would say they're not that bad but they make me sick! So I don't feel like cleaning because my dirty carpets overpower the clean house.

I need to clean my carpets!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

One of These Days

One of these days you will be able to walk down that street,
With out your mommy and without that walker seat.

One of these days you’re going to want to see the world ,
You’re going to see all its mysteries unfurled.

I’m not going to be able to protect your mind,
Hopefully, I will have taught you well to love and be kind.

One of these days you’re not going to need my kisses and hugs,
You're going to be more into friends, dirt and bugs.

You're not going to need them (my hugs and kisses) when you leave for college,
But I will be happy knowing that your head is going to be filled with knowledge.

One of these days I’m going to let your Heavenly Father take the reigns ,
And I know that from that, a great testimony you will obtain!

One of these days you will have your mind on a woman, other than your Mommy,
Just tell me that you will pick a good one… just like your Daddy :-)

One of these days you might be so far away,
and I’m going to miss the Baby I am holding now.

But, that day is not today….


Friday, March 20, 2009

Better Than Expected!

Tysen and I went out into this field close to our house and had some fun with the self timer on the camera. One of my assignments for my photo class is to take pictures using the self timer and a tripod. It was a little difficult to run back and forth to the camera so we had my sister come with us and just push the timer button. That is why you see our heads cut off most of the time but I think they still turned out cute. It was a fun shoot and I am learning so much in my photography class! They Turned out WAY better than expected!

We dressed up in spring clothes and we stuck some cute yellow boots on Ty and a POP belly shirt to show off his "six pack". I just LOVE this little boy! He was such a good sport through all of it, even when the grass started getting itchy. The camera just can't take a bad picture of my little guy.

we love cuddling!

Totally Candid

More Loves for Mommy!

Admiring that sweet face

Ok a little "cheese ball" modeling on my part but Ty looks so funny with the wind blowing in his face and his belly sticking out!

I don't know why I LOVE this picture! It was a complete accident and I am so loving it!


2nd Favorite! Love the shoes!

(even with the shadow)

Monday, March 16, 2009


YAY! My baby is CRAWLING! He is going to be able to READ (according to "studies")...(pshh..whatever)

We thought this day would NEVER come!!
Tysen has been Army Crawling since he was 10 months and that has been his thing till now (and he is 15 months). He goes to physical therapy 3 times a week and he has been excelling in lots of areas except for crawling. He can pull up, cruise furniture and is somewhat close to walking. And yet, he still wanted to just scoot on his tummy, pushing with only his left leg. So the therapist (just last week) decided that it might be good to just work on his walking because they thought he wasn't going to do hands and knees crawling. I guess Ty wanted to show them because yesterday morning he started doing it ,little by little, and by the end of the day he was a crawling MANIAC! It must have just clicked for him and he decided it was faster so he liked it better. He is still a little wobbly but it is so cute. I was balling while watching my little baby boy start to crawl because we have been working on it for so long!

Good for you TY-MAN!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dangerous Job!

I am taking a Photography class and I am LOVING IT! We have a huge project that I've been working on and it has helped me learn almost every facet of my camera.

Anyway, I was taking Micro (really up close) shots with my camera of a bee gathering nectar from the flowers in my front yard. I don't have a lens that can zoom in very far so the only other thing to do was to get up really close. The thing with cameras is that if you aren't zoomed in very far then even if you are 2 inches away from the subject the picture comes out looking like you are 3 feet away. So, you can imagine how close I had to get to the bee to achieve a good Macro shot. It was a daring move and most of my pictures are blurry because I was running away or shooing the bee out of my face or SCREAMING bloody murder because it moved.....but all in all I got a pretty decent shot!

I better get a good great for this DEATH DEFYING stunt!


I know Tysen is 15 months old but we only JUST had to lower his crib last month. He never pulled up to a stand or scared us in anyway when it came to his crib....that is until one day! So since he, finally, figured out that his crib was fun to stand up in, Dan had to lower it from a newborn crib to a toddler crib...(I could not figure out why this was so hard for me to accept).... He is a toddler and not a baby and time has gone by WAAAY to fast. I could cuddle this little one all day if he would only let me. He is my reason for procrastinating everything because most of the time it is because I am kissing, playing, hugging, or squishing him to death. The crib lowering was very monumental for me. It almost made me feel like...."is it ALREADY time to have another???? "
(I'm not was just a thought)

It is a loooong way down now. Mommy doesn't enjoy the back aching bend she has to make.
Another monumental moment was that Ty-man is feeding his little self! We have been working on scooping and he has finally (almost) got it. Sometimes he concludes that his hands would be faster than the spoon....but for the most part he has reached the scooping goal!

Having fun with the spoon.

Trying so hard to not miss even a drop.

Just an Ordinary Day

Tysen loves his walker! It really takes him places! He loves going outside to hang out with Roxy. He could be out there all day just watching Roxy run back and forth while cracking up! And I could watch HIM all day, watching Roxy. It is amazing how much time is spent during the day just watching my son and being so amazed at this sweet little reckless human being.

Two little buddies! Mommy is trying to take a picture while keeping them BOTH from jumping in the 50 degree water.

This is a random shot of Tysen and Dan in our room playing a video game on Dan's new flat screen! Tysen kept crawling up on Daddy so that he could play too.