Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boys 101

To Be a Boy You Need:

A Sword

Some Armor

Some Dirt

Bad Guys (who are out to get you)

Hiding Places


A Very Active Imagination

Tysen got a lesson on being a boy this week while his cousin Gavin was over to play.
Gavin taught Tysen all about the art of sword fighting and "bad guy" (or, as Tysen puts it, bad boys).

They had to have all the Armor on for protection.
This was what they gave Jayden for protection :-)

Gavin made good use of a helmet, a shield and a baseball bat (or sword).

...And Tysen had a sword and some armor that covered his chest (who cares if it is upside down)

Of course, the outfit would not have worked without PJ's
(even though it was probably 1:00 in the afternoon)

These two knights saved me from a lot of bad guys...and believe me, there were a lot.
But, I wasn't worried one bit...I had three strong , brave, heroes protecting me!

I am one lucky Damsel.

I mean just look how determined they are to protect!

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Betheny said...

LOOOOOOVE IT! Even though they are so far away, they are definetly family. Just yesterday, Ryan was teaching Owen (a little boy I babysit) how to sword fight. I wish I had a video camera. He was so serious. I would hear: " block like this. No, your sword has to be sideways to block. Ok. Great job. You are doing great." We need to get these boy cousins together!! I'm glad they have Gavin to guide them in the ways of defense. ;) He's so big now! And I'm DYING over that pic of Jayden in the goggles!