Monday, May 9, 2011

Today You Have Grown Even More Wonderful!

Many people do not like to divulge their age and, to them, birthdays are a terrible day that only emphasizes that hideous number. 

But, I think that the number is the beautiful thing about birthdays.

I know that when I look at my husband, who has turned 34 today,
I see a man who is...

34 times more handsome today

34 times more wise

34 times funnier

34 times more of a man

34 times better as a father

34 times a better kisser

34 times more charming

and he has 34 wonderful years of a great life lived!

So, to be ashamed of the number (34) would mean you were ashamed of the 34 years of memories and experiences.
So, Hunny, I refuse to keep your age a secret because I am proud of these amazing years. I can't wait to have more with you. I have a lot of love wrapped up in you and I love you more every second. So, you better get older so that I can love you up more and more everyday.

I love you Daniel!
Happy 34th Birthday Baby!

I guess 34 is kind of old.....
(HA! just kidding...had to throw an old man joke in there.)

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